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Bill Stanfill

Postby Halas Hall » Mon Jun 14, 2021 9:42 am

Bill Stanfill is a nominee for this year's Hall of the Very Good. His career ended slightly before I began watching pro football in 1977. It sounds like he was an anchor of the Dolphins' defense in the early 1970's, but his career was cut short by injuries. Can anyone very briefly describe his talents and what he was like as a player? I plan on voting for him, and am just curious.

Thank you.
Halas Hall
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Re: Bill Stanfill

Postby RichardBak » Mon Jun 14, 2021 10:24 am

Outland Trophy winner from Georgia, perennial Pro Bowler, held most of Miami's unofficial sack records, as a rookie in 1969 picked off two passes and returned both for TDs (rare for a defensive end). Strong, agile, quick---a key member of the 1972-73 Super Bowl champs who usually gets overlooked in discussions of that team. I remember he was featured in that Sports Illustrated article years ago about the life-changing injuries retired players deal with. I think his injuries were to his neck and spine and led to an early retirement. They scanned his brain after he died a few years back and discovered CTE. I think he's most def HOVG worthy. If he'd played 3-5 more years at the same level we'd be talking HOF.
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