1897 All Western Pennsylvania Team

1897 All Western Pennsylvania Team

Postby TanksAndSpartans » Wed May 19, 2021 9:27 am

This article (https://profootballresearchers.org/articles/Out_In_The_Boondocks.pdf) mentions that the Pittsburgh Times picked an "All Western Pennsylvania Team". Could someone please post the entire team here? Its for an article I'm working on and newspapers.com doesn't have this newspaper. Thanks.

P.S. Wikipedia gives the dates 1880 to 1906 for the Pittsburgh Times and mentions it was an ancestor of the present-day Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. I've been using what newspapers.com calls the "Post-Gazette" in the 1890s, but when you actually look at the paper, it was the Pittsburgh Commercial Gazette. I had thought the Post and Commercial Gazette merged to form the Post-Gazette so I'm not sure where the Pittsburgh Times fits in. I was hoping the team may have been reprinted in one of the other newspapers, but no luck.
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