Coffin Corner Index


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Number 1:

Archie Manning Quarterback by Thomas Danyluk.

Hugh "Bones" Taylor by Michael Richman.

The 1918 Buffalo Semi-Professional Football League by Ken Crippen.

Who Be the Baddest by Greg Thomas.

Time Stood Still by Victor Mastro.

The Hall of Very Good.

Player Deaths in 2002.

Number 2:

Dennis Gaubatz by Jim Sargent.

Almost Champions by Roy Sye.

Pete Liske by Ace Hendricks.

The Coaches' All-America Game by Mark Ford.

Elusive: A Chronological History of the Long Runs by T.J. Troup.

Andy Farkas by Michael Richman.

Number 3:

Ed Flanagan: All-Pro Center for the Detroit Lions by Jim Sargent.

Card-Pitt: The Caroits by James Forr.

Ben Lee Boynton: The Purple Streak by Jeffrey Miller.

All My Exes Live in Texas - Among Other Places by Mark Speck.

Eddie LeBaron by Michael Richman.

Number 4:

Fred Miller, Defensive Tackle by Jim Sargent.

Marcus Allen from The Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Elvin Bethea from The Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Joe DeLamielleure from The Pro Football Hall of Fame.

James Lofton from The Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Hank Stram from The Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Las Vegas Cowboys - 1969 by Ace Hendricks.

The Secret Career of Don Allard by Bob Gill.

Bill Dudley by Michael Richman.

Herschel Walker by Matthew Silverman.

Number 5:

The 1939 College All-Star Games by John Hogrogian.

Lewis and Lane by T.J. Troup.

Tom Nowatzke by Jim Sargent.

Joe Carr's Vision by Chris Willis.

Don Warren by Michael Richman.

Teams Kept Area Buzzing by Larry Ebsch. 1920s semi-pros.

William C. Temple by Bob Carroll. The first team owner.

Number 6:

Lions, Bears, and the First Thanksgiving by Doug Warren.

Welcome to LA (AAFC Dons in 1946) by Ray Schmidt.

Jim Kendrick: The Man with the Plan by Jeffrey Miller.

Neal Olkewicz by Michael Richman.

Frank Seno: Six Is Significant by T.J. Troup.

On to the Pros (David Treadwell) by Rob Jackson.

Please Stop Ravaging NFL Uniforms! by Roger Gordon (Opinion).

Sam Dana Turns 100 by Jeffrey Miller.

A Memory Returns by Bob Carroll.