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Number 1:
The First All-Star Game from the Pittsburgh Press. Five years after the first recognized pro football game, a selected team of all-stars took on the Pittsburgh champs.

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Number 2:
NFL Competitors, 1935-41 - by Bob Braunwart. Four or more leagues that wanted to be major league rivals of the NFL failed during the Depression.

Number 3:
Ohio Tiger Trap: Ohio's First FB Ringers - by Bob Carroll. Massillon wanted an amateur team to rival Canton, but they ended up going pro.

Number 4:
The Ironton Tanks: 1919-30 - by Tom Nikitas. Brief history of a strong independent team.
The Story of the [Youngstown] Patricians - by Vic Frolund. This strong pre-NFL team vied for the Ohio championship in pre-NFL days.

Number 5:
Wee Davey's [O'Brien] Big Day - by Bob Braunwart and Bob Carroll. Davey O'Brien was exceptional even before he set passing records.
The Curious Case of the 13th Import - by Bob Braunwart and Bob Carroll. How Frank Tripucka lost by winning in a Canadian twit.

Number 6:
Peggy Parratt, MVP - by Milt Roberts. He dominated (and saved) the pro game 1908-14.
The First Pro Pass - by Bob Carroll. Who threw it ? Find out here.

Number 7:
Johnny Blood: Vagabond Halfback - by Jack Henry in Pittsburgh Steelers Weekly. The story of one of the great characters of football history.
A Closer Look: 50-Yd DKs - by Bob Carroll. Some claims of the good ol' days don't stand up.
The Day They Clobbered the Bronk - by Bernie McCarty. Lone Star Dietz sets a trap for Nagurski.

Number 8:
The Panhandles: Last of the Sandlotters - by Bob Braunwart and Bob Carroll. Joe Carr and the Nesser brothers gain fame. Before World War I. A Closer Look: Pro Myth? - by David Shapiro. Does the run establish the pass or visa versa?

Number 9:
Ken Strong - by Bob Carroll. His name matched his game in the 1930s. [Jock] Sutherland - by Bob Carroll. The great coach in both college and pro ball.

Number 10:
All-American Flops! - by Bob Braunwart & Bob Carroll. College stars who flunked as pros in 1920s-30s. George McAfee: "One-Play" - by Bob Barnett and Bob Carroll. One of the greatest breakaway runners ever. Those New Records: What Do They Prove? - by David Shapiro. Comparing yesterday with today. Big Foot - courtesy of Ironton Evening Tribune. Glenn Presnell sets a field goal record.

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