What's your favorite decade of the NFL?

What's your favorite decade of the NFL?

Postby Oszuscik » Tue Feb 11, 2020 12:28 pm

I grew up on football in the 90's. Brett Favre, Steve Young, Troy Aikman, Barry Sanders... that decade will always be nostalgic and special for me, and therefore always my favorite.

I ask this question though because I'm reading and watching more about the NFL of the past, and the 70's just seem so epic to me. The Dolphins, Steelers, Raiders... it seemed like pure football. I've also become a big fan of Kenny Stabler, that guy was great.

The 80's to me are harder to get excited about. Marino taking the league by storm was pretty cool, and the 49ers are classic, but the two strikes put a ding on the decade. I'm a big basketball fan as well, and when I think sports in the 80's I think Lakers and Celtics.

The 60's I'll always consider the golden era, which being a Packers fan is easy to do for obvious reasons. And the war between the NFL and AFL is really interesting.

As for present day football, I still love it, but much of the time it does feel like I'm watching the Madden video games I grew up playing. I prefer the game from the 90's, though I realize the NFL can't be that anymore. Funny enough my favorite position as a kid was kick returner, so that doesn't help with today's game.

What are your thoughts? Which decade of football ranks among your favorite?
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Re: What's your favorite decade of the NFL?

Postby lastcat3 » Tue Feb 11, 2020 2:35 pm

A lot of people tend to prefer the era in which they grew up in. I myself really started getting into the game during the '90's as well. I think the '80's and '90's had a good blend of run and pass. Prior to that the league was a little slightly to run oriented and now it is a little to pass oriented. I liked the eras where franchises could truly develop great teams where as now we judge greatness more on longevity than how good the team actually was compared to their competition.
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Re: What's your favorite decade of the NFL?

Postby JKelly » Mon Feb 17, 2020 10:00 pm

The 1970's were EPIC! :D
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