'62 Broncos

'62 Broncos

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With exception to them starting out 4-2 in the very inaugural season of 1960 (only to then suffer 0-7-1 for the remainder), the only true flirtation of goodness for the '60s/AFL Broncos was that very 6-1 start in '62 under new HC/Sid Gillman protégé, Jack Faulkner. After losing their second game the following week to Buffalo, they get right on back in the win-column Week #9 at San Diego against Sid himself! After that, they drop their final five allowing the Dallas Texans to fly well past them to the division title en route to the league title.

Though the following season, in '63, Denver would win back-to-back games vs that year's AFLCG-participants-to-be (to even their record to 2-2; they actually dropped the opener to KC...59-7), it would never get good for Denver again in the Faulkner era nor the '60s-in-general for he, from there, would go 0-13-1 until getting the axe after their fourth game in '64. Letting go of too many veterans ended up doing him in. Just the same - back to '62 - he still got awarded AFL's Coach of the Year despite the collapse. '62 was also the first year Denver adopted the blue and orange colors they, of course, still wear.

Ironically, the year they went back to their brown-and-gold unis in 2009 for 50th anniversary 'throwback' purpose (notorious striped socks and all), they also got off to a real hot start under a HC who was also a protégé of a Legend and also beating that very Legend during that very hot start!
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