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I've been doing research on a player from the 1930s and I recently reached the end of the line trying to find out more information about him, but then I remembered I have a subscription to I've been using for my own genealogy, but I know law enforcement sometimes uses it to do research. I decided that since I knew the years this player was born and passed away that I would start a new tree for him. Wow. I now know his eye color, brothers and sisters, etc., etc. I still haven't found what I really want to know about him, but I've contacted a few people who have him in their family trees to see if they can put me in touch with a living relative. Ancestry won't show you living people (or reasonably possibly living people) in other people's trees, so you need to reach out. Has anyone else ever used or another service? And how do you feel about using it as a research tool? BTW, you get a discount on subscriptions when you have an subscription.
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