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Postby rhickok1109 » Sat Jan 25, 2020 12:24 pm

TanksAndSpartans wrote:McElhenny blocked for Perry. Like Hornung, there was a good running FB on his team as well. Given the choice, I'd take McElhenny.

I was a big McElhenny fan as a youth. Until Gale Sayers, he was the best open-field runner I ever saw, better than Trippi or Walker or even the Packers' own Billy Grimes.

I do remember him sometimes blocking downfield, against defensive backs, but I never saw him take on a defensive lineman or a linebacker. Now, I only saw him one game a year, against the Packers, and maybe he did block like Hornung against other teams, but he certainly never did when I saw him play.
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Re: Slater and Speedie

Postby TanksAndSpartans » Sat Jan 25, 2020 1:07 pm

That sounds fair. My sample size is pretty small - difficult to get many complete games. I don't know much about Horning and the 60s, just wanted to point out McElhenny could block and he never gave me the impression of being a prima donna type. I know I've seen cases where the backs were split and McElhenny went through the line first leading for Perry.

I was actually just watching a highlight video the other day and he was back for a kickoff return with Joe Arenas. McElhenny just pancaked the oncoming defender and sprung Arenas for a big gain.
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