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VOLUME 12 (1990)

Number 1:

The Polo Grounds Case: Part 2 by John Hogrogian.

Ed Sprinkle by Bob Carroll.

Verne Lewellen by Bob Carroll.

Dayton Played Large Founding Role in NFL by Ritter Collet & Steve Presar.

Fritz Pollard and the Brown Bombers by John M. Carroll.

Giotto and Joe by Bob Carroll.

Papa Bear's Season (1963) by Bob Carroll.


Number 2:

Jim Thorpe in the Days Before the NFL by Bob Gill.

Behind the Walls by Steven Brainerd.

American Association/AFL of 1936-50 by Bob Gill.


Number 3:

The Brooklyn Dodgers by Stan Grosshandler.

1941 Dodgers - Close But No Cigar by Jack Ziegler.

Hall of Famers vs. Team Season Records by Harold Jones.


Number 4:

Kenosha Maroons (1924) by Don Jensen.

Early NFL: The College League by Bob Carroll.

Mini-Bios: Buck Buchanan, Bob Griese, Franco Harris, Ted Hendricks, Lambert, Landry, St. Clair.

Little Bethany: Cradle of Pro Football by Bob Carroll.

Great Rushing and Passing Performances by Greg Thomas.

The First Pro Bowl Game by Fred Crawford.


Number 5:

Stapletons Final Season by Bob Gill.

Mini-Bios: Mel Blount, Terry Bradshaw, Art Shell, Willie Wood, Fred Biletnikoff, Mike Ditka, Ham, Page.

Hidden Careers: Bob Davis, Nelson Peterson, Ed Michaels, Steve Bagarus.


Number 6:

Harlon Hill by Jimmie Purvis.

The Steagles by William Ecenberger.

Stan Jones: Common Name, Unusual Guard by Bob Carroll.





VOLUME 13 (1991)

Number 1:

The Eagle Tackle Was Albert (Wistert) by Bob Carroll.

Canadian Football: Past to Present by Bob Sproule.

The NFL's Six Most Significant Games by Stan Grosshandler.

A Conversation with Hank Luebke by Richard Topp.

The AFL: A League Too Often Misremembered by Greg Thomas.

Mini-Bios: Campbell, Hannah, Jones, Schramm, Stenerud, Eller, Greenwood, Youngblood.


Number 2:

The Last Fall of the Titans by John Hogrogian.

The First Hut (humor) by Dr. Charles T. Gregory.

Marion Motley: Some Say He Was Greatest by Insider!

Starr Still Shining Bright by Joe Zagorski.

Mini-Bios: Hornung, Houston, Lanier, Tarkenton, Mackey, Sears, Swann, Wistert.


Number 3:

Tigers Roar in Tennessee: Memphis 1930s by Bob Gill.

No Such Word as Can't by Kevin Everett.

Starting at the Bottom by Steve Brainerd.

Forgotten Men (Harry Mattos, Andy Karpus) by Bob Gill.

Mini-Bios: McCormack, C.Taylor, Weinmeister, Gatski, Namath, Rozelle, Simpson, Staubach.


Number 4:

American Football League Attendance 1960-69 by Bob Carroll.

Jock Sutherland: Forgotten Coaching Great by Jack Ziegler.

Shelby Who? Ohio Pro Football in 1910 by Bob Carroll.

The Season of '41 by Stan Grosshandler.

Mini-Bios: Jurgensen, Mitchell, Warfield, W. Brown, Musso, Olsen, Bobby Bell, Gillman.


Number 5:

Forgotten Firsts by Bob Gill. The author, in cooperation with David Neft, lists the first time an NFL player rushed for 100 and 200 yards, passed for 200 and 300, caught passes for 100 yards, etc.

The Titans Become the Jets by John Hogrogian. The final, litigation-filled days of the sad New York Titans, as Harry Wismer tried in vain to stave off selling the team to the group headed by Sonny Werblin.

Balancing Dollars and Sense by Bob Gill. Based on Pearce Johnson's profit-loss ledgers for the minor league Providence Steam Roller of 1940, this presents a wealth of information about the economics of minor league football before World War II.

Starting from the Bottom: Part 2 by Steve Brainerd. The second installment (from Mike Evans to Harry Kline) of a list of players who graduated from the minor leagues to the majors.

Mini-Bios: Bob Lilly, J.Otto, Badgro, Blanda, Willie Davis, Ringo, Atkins, Huff. Series of eight cartoons and brief biographies of Bob Lilly, Jim Otto, Red Badgro, George Blanda, Willie Davis, Jim Ringo, Doug Atkins, and Sam Huff.


Number 6:

1975 Green Bay Packers by Joe Zagorski. The Packers hoped to regain the glory of the Lombardi-years by hiring Bart Starr as coach, but the results in a frustrating transitional season were only 4-10.

Philadelphia Memories by Jim Campbell.

The Longest Football Game Ever (to 1962) by Don Smith. The longest game ever (up till then), the 1962 American Football League Championship Game pitted the Dallas Texans against the defending champion Houston Oilers in a bang-up overtime game.

The 1962 Grey Cup: Played in a Fog by Jack Zeigler. The Winnipeg-Hamilton CFL championship took 25 hours to complete when fog became so heavy in the fourth quarter the game was delayed until the next day.

1946 Season: From One War to Another by Stan Grosshandler. World War II was over but the NFL had a new fight on its hands with the birth of the All-America Football Conference. This article concentrates on the NFL's season.

Mini-Bios: Larry Wilson, Nitschke, Lary, Butkus, Unitas, Mix, Deacon Jones, Herb Adderley. Series of eight cartoons and brief biographies of Ray Nitschke, Larry Wilson, Dick Butkus, Yale Lary, Ron Mix, Johnny Unitas, Herb Adderley, and Deacon Jones.


VOLUME 14 (1992)

Number 1:

Paul Brown by Jack Clary. Biographical article by the man who wrote PB. Anecdotes shed light on the great coach's personality and what made him a success. Includes full coaching record and list of men who played or coached for Brown who went on to become NFL head coaches.

Book Review: Upon Other Fields on Other Days by Jim Koger by Bob Carroll. Subtitled "College Football's Wartime Casualties," the book lists over 2,300 former college and pro football players who were killed or reported missing in a U.S. war from the Spanish-American to Viet Nam.

Players Who Have Gained 200 Yards Receiving in a Game by Ken Pullis. Chronological listing of 96 NFL receivers (from 1942-90) who gained over 200 yards in a single game; includes date, receiver, team, opponent, number of passes caught, yardage, and touchdowns.

A Missed Opportunity: The 1917 Pro Football League by Bill Wagner. Baseball owners Charles Comiskey and Frank Navin considered forming a pro football league in 1917.

Who Really Did It? Gipp or Thorpe? by E. Klosinski. All those stories about Jim Thorpe drop-kicking field goals from the 50-yard line? George Gipp of Notre Dame really did it.

1950 A Landmark Year by Stan Grosshandler. The season that saw the "merger" of the NFL and the AAFC was exceptional from its unexpected beginning to its rousing finish. The Cleveland Browns under Coach Paul Brown swept all before them, but they were far from the only success story. Includes All-NFL selections.


Number 2:

The Salt Lake Seagulls by Buck Bashore.

Statistical Leaders of the 1920s by Bob Gill.

1940s All-Pro Teams by PFRA Research.

Origins of the WLAF by Tod Maher.

Starting at the Bottom Compiled by Steve Brainerd.

Quiz: Forgotten Fill-Ins by Bob Gill.


Number 3:

Book Review: Paying with Pain by Jack Rhodes from St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Book Review: Heart of a Lion: The Wild and Woolly Life of Bobby Layne by Jim Sumner.

Book Review: The Old Core by John Gunn by David Neft.

The Great Ones: Final Results of Tournament by Pat Premo.

A Plan for PFRA 1993 by Executive Director.

Inflation of 1920: A Tale of Two Cities (South Bend & Ft.Wayne) by Emil Klosinski.

The Game (Highest scoring Canadian League game) by Robert Sproule.

Inside the Numbers (Looking at those 200 yard receivers) by Carl S. Grijalba.


Number 4:

The Early Struggles of Professional Football: Evansville, Indiana, 1920-22 by Marc Maltby.

HOF Cartoons: Baugh, Bell, Blood, Carr, Clark, Grange, Halas, Hein by Bob Carroll.

Too Many Guns: The 1950 Browns-Eagles World Series by Jack Ziegler.

Book Review: Fritz Pollard: Pioneer in Racial Advancement by John M. Carroll by Bob Gill.

The Power and the Glory - Single-Wing Football by Jim Campbell.

Move over Gipp, Thorpe ... Make Room for Bowser! by Emil Klosinski.


Number 5:

A Century of Firsts in Pro Football, 1892-1992 by Pro Football Hall of Fame Insider!

Hail to the Real Redskins: All-Indian team from Hominy, OK by Arthur Shoemaker.

Requiem for the Nighthawks: Milwaukee’s bid for a 2nd NFL franchise by Bob Gill.

Glory Days: Andy Robustelli and the Giants popularized the D by Norm Miller.

This Week in Pro Football (cartoon feature) by Bob Carroll.

The Books That Just Wouldn’t Die (So. Exposure & Minor Masterpieces) by Bob Gill.

1923 Football Rules Revisited by Joe Plack.

Mini-bios Again: Three Coaches- Bill Owen, Keith Molesworth, Paul Schissler by Bob Gill.

The NFL’s Forgotten Franchise: Syracuse Pros in 1921 by Tod Maher.

Starting from the Bottom: More Other Leaguers by Steve Brainerd.

Quiz: Rookies by Bob Gill.


Number 6:

American Football League Firsts by Pro Football Hall of Fame Insider!

From Blaze to Ashes: The Chicago Fire of the World Football League by David Yamada.

I Did Not Play: Team Roster Errors in Pro Football by Mel Bashore.

Oh! Those 23-17 Overtime Games by Jim Campbell.

Super Teams League (Computer Simulation) by Raymond Lee.

This Week in Pro Football -2 (cartoon feature) by Bob Carroll.

George V. Kenneally Sr. A Forgotten Hero by Philip J. Carver.

9.7: Willie Fleming’s spectacular 1963 season in the CFL by Robert Sproule.

A Short History of Player Lists (overview) by Bob Carroll.



1922 Season by PFRA Research Annual 13


VOLUME 15 (1993)

Number 1:

The Bengals’ 25th Anniversary Season by Jack Clary.

Bronx, Blacks, and the NFL by Victor Mastro and John Hogrogian.

HOF Cartoons: Barney, Davis, Mackey, Riggins, Henry, Hubbard, Hutson, Lambeau.

What Else? (other newsletters) by Editor.

A New Quarterback Rating System by Michael Neft.

Great Forgotten Ends of the 1930s by Stanley Grosshandler.

Hunchy (Hoernschemeyer) by Mark Latterman.

More Crimson Giants (Letter from Herb Henderson) by Mel Bashore.


Number 2:

Oh, Those 23-17 Overtime Games [repeat] by Jim Campbell.

A Man of Many Jackets (George Gibson) by Jimmy Patterson.

Blocking Backs by Stanley Grosshandler.

Dan Fouts, 1993 Enshrinee by Don Smith.

Pro Football Hall of Fame Top 20 Lists by Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Chuck Noll by Don Smith.

Fifty Years Ago - The Nadir (1943) by Stanley Grosshandler.

1921: A Stat Look by Charles J Grijalba.


Number 3:

Thorpe’s Farewell Season (1927 Portsmouth) by Bob Gill.

Quiz: Milestones by Bob Gill.

In the Beginning: Firsts for NFL franchises by Tod Maher.

Top 20 CombNet Yards, Career Pass Ratings & Stats, Coaches by PF Hall of Fame.

Mini-bios Ohio Valley League: Virgil Perry, Joe Linneman by Bob Gill.

Stagg’s Lines: The great coach hated pro football by Jack Clary.

Two That Didn’t Make It: Indianapolis & Washington fail in NFL bids by Bob Gill.

Starting from the Bottom: More Other Leaguers etc. by Steve Brainerd.


Number 4:

Black Hats in a Golden Age (1950s Tough Guys) by Bob Barnett and Bob Carroll.

3 Great Lines: Fearsome 4some, Purple People Eaters, Steel Curtain by Mike Gershman.

Larry Little by Don Smith.

This Week in Pro Football - 3 (cartoon feature) by Bob Carroll.

Earth to Ratterman and Other Hall of Fame Artifacts by Joe Horrigan & Bob Carroll.

Another Newsletter by Football Times by Editor.


Number 5:

I Played with Thorpe (Zeke Roberts 1900-93) by Mel Bashore.

Another Look at Interception Stats (Recovering Green Bay’s INT’s by 1930s) by Bob Gill.

Morrall Victory for a Backup QB by Bob Gill.

Did Nevers Ever Say Never Again? (Ernie Nevers’ post-NFL exhibition games) by Bob Gill.

Struggling to Stay in the Black (Providence Steam Roller in 1927) by Bob Gill.

This Week in Pro Football - 4 (cartoon feature) by Bob Carroll.

Starting from the Bottom: More Other Leaguers Who Worked Their Way Up by Steve Brainerd.

A Redskin Reminiscence (Before the ‘Skins moved to Washington) by Steve Hokuf.

Quiz: Notorious Non-Achievers by Bob Gill.

The Old Pro (John Curly Klosinski) by Emil Klosinski.

Three Centers: Mel Hein, Bulldog Turner, Chuck Bednarik by Mike Gershman.


Number 6:

Bill Walsh: 49er Genius by Don Smith.

A Collection of Golden Memories (from the 49ers’ No 1 fan) by Lido Starelli.

Mini-Bios: Russ Letlow, Jim Poole, Luke Johnsos, Ray Bray by Bob Carroll.

The Toughest 49er Ever: Hardy Brown by Dwight Chapin.

This Week in Pro Football 5 (cartoon feature) by Bob Carroll.

Walter Payton: Sweetness in Chicago by Don Smith.

The Case for Benny Friedman by Joel Bussert.

When Real Football Players Kicked Field Goals by Stanley Grosshandler.



1919 Season by PFRA Research: Annual 14 [$5]


VOLUME 16 (1994)

Number 1:

American Football Association Hall of Fame.

Evolution of NFL Players by Jim Campbell.

Top 20 Passers by Pro Football Hall of Fame.

1953: When the NFL Had Character by Stan Grosshandler.

Byron White: Benchwarmer Supreme by Jim Campbell.

Doctors in the Huddle by Jim Campbell.


Number 2:

John Alexander: Pro Football Pioneer by Jim Campbell.

Top 20 Receivers, Rushers by Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Podunk vs Gotham (Cleveland vs New York, 1946) by Jack Ziegler.

Riley Matheson (mini-bio) by Bob Carroll.

John Riggins: The Diesel by Don Smith.

Dick Stanfel by Bob Carroll.


Number 3:

Stapletons: Just Staten Out on the Island (pre-NFL) by Bob Gill.

Top 20 Scorers, Combined Yards, Coaches by Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Don Jonas: Best Little Quarterback You Never Heard of by Bob Gill.

Research Notes: 1894 League? by Bob Gill.

Rote & Blanda: Tale of 2 QBs by Bob Gill.

Florida Blazers 1974: Study in Focus by Mark Speck.


Number 4:

First 25 Years by Jack Clary.

Ralph E. Hay by Bob Carroll.

When the Best Team Lost by Bob Carroll.

Indoors at the (Boston) Garden by Philip J. Carver.

Johnny Drake, (mini-bio) by Bob Carroll.


Number 5:

Second 25 Years by Jack Clary.

Pro Football Hall of Fame: In the Beginning by Chris Willis.

Bill Willis: Dominant Defender by Bob Carroll.

Emlen Tunnell: A Giant of Defense by Bob Carroll.

Leroy Kelly by Don Smith.

Abe Gibron, (mini-bio) by Bob Carroll.

Lowell Perry: Memories by Mark A. Latterman.


Number 6:

Third 25 Years by Jack Clary.

Jackie Smith: Revolutionary Receiver by Don Smith.

Walter Payton: Sweetness [repeat] by Don Smith.

Greatest Running Back by Raymond Lee.

Jimmy Johnson: Calculating Cornerback by Don Smith.

Hall of Fame Top 15 Lists by Pro Football Hall of Fame.



Down in the Valley by Bob Gill Annual 15 [$5]


VOLUME 17 (1995)

Number 1:

Winslow, Kellen by Don Smith.

Dick McCann by Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Best of 1945 by Bob Carroll.

[Knute] Rockne’s Pro Football Roots by Emil Klosinski.

Indiana Football Hall of Fame by Bob Carroll.

Eddie Rucinski (mini-bio) by Bob Carroll.

The Greatest Game Ever Played (poem) by V. Mastro & C. Staph.

Doc Young and the Hammond Pros by Bob Carroll.


Number 2:

Phil Bengston: Green Bay’s Defensive Genius by Ed Gruver.

Henry Jordan by Don Smith.

PF, SEF, DEF and the Greatest Offenses by Raymond Lee.

Alex Webster (mini-bio) by Bob Carroll.

HOF Top 20: Coaches, Comb Yds, Pass, Rush, Rec Score by PF HOF.

Jim Benton (mini-bio) by Bob Carroll.

Lynn Chandnois by Jim Sargent.


Number 3:

Lee Roy Selmon by Don Smith.

Ohio Valley in 1924 by Bob Gill.

Jets’ First Training Camp by John Hogrogian.

Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame by Bob Carroll.

San Diego 1963: The AFL’s First Super Team by Ed Gruver.


Number 4:

Providence Starts Rolling: 1924 by Bob Gill.

John Hannah by Don Smith.

Earl Campbell by Don Smith.

Jim Finks: Builder by Don Smith.

Steve Largent by Don Smith.

George Ratterman (mini-bio) by Bob Carroll.

Tommy Thompson: When Is a Tommy Not a Lurtis? by Bob Carroll.

Still Another Look at Early Interceptions by Ed Coen.


Number 5:

President’s Corner by Jack Clary.

Mario Tonelli; The Greatest Tonelli of Them All by Mike Isaacs.

Billy Wade (mini-bio) by Bob Carroll.

Carl Brumbaugh: A Darned Good Quarterback by Carl M Becker.

How to Get from Dayton to Indianapolis by Bob Carroll.


Number 6:

President’s Corner: Part 2 by Jack Clary.

Tex Schramm by Don Smith.

Jan Stenerud by Don Smith.

Roman Gabriel by Robert R Jackson.

Joe Schmidt: Detroit’s Lion behind the Line by Jim Sargent.

Bob Gain (mini-bio) by James D Whalen.

Passing Stats by Pro Football Hall of Fame.



Down Payments by Phil Dietrich : Annual 16


VOLUME 18 (1996)

Number 1:

The Ten Best Super Bowls by Bob Carroll.

L.C. Greenwood by Bob Carroll. Mini-bio.

1940: The Triumph of the T by Bob Carroll.

Dan Towler by Stanley Grosshandler and Bob Van Atta. Mini-bio.

Heidi-Ho! by Bob Carroll. The infamous Heidi game.

Semi or Pro? by Bob Carroll. How to tell one from the other.

Research Notes by Bob Gill.


Number 2:

Mel Renfro by Don Smith. Biographical article.

Dan Dierdorf by Don Smith. Biographical article.

Lou Creekmur by Don Smith. Biographical article.

Joe Gibbs by Don Smith. Biographical article.

Charlie Joiner by Don Smith. Biographical article.

Has There Ever Been a Forfeit in the NFL? by Bob Carroll. A 1921 game that wasn’t.

A Boom, Boom, Boom for the South Side by Bill Schubert. A memorable game for Trippi.

Dick Butkus: Born to Play Football by Michael Gershman. Mini-bio.

Finishing in Style: 1949 AAFC Championship by Bob Carroll. The Browns wrap up.

Bubba Smith by Michael Gershman. Mini-bio.


Number 3:

National Football League Franchise Transactions by Joe Horrigan.

O.J. Anderson by Bob Carroll. Mini-bio.

Bert Bell: The Commissioner by Don Smith. Biographical article.

Merlin Olsen: Gentlemanly Giant by Michael Gershman. Mini-bio.

Billy Ray Barnes by Rob Jackson. Biographical article.

Cliff Battles (mini-bio) by Pro Football Hall of Fame.


Number 4:

Coach Steve Owen: The Great Innovator by Stan Grosshandler, Biographical article.

Bullet Bill Dudley by Jim Sargent. Biographical article.

Sweet Revenge: 1942 NFL Championship by Bob Carroll. Redskins get even.

The Day Dub Jones Ran Wild by Stan Grosshandler. Jones scores six TDs.

Sammy Baugh Courtesy of Pro Football Hall of Fame. Biographical article.

A Perfect Ending: 1948 AAFC Championship by Bob Carroll.

The Day Jim Hardy Threw Eight Interceptions by Stan Grosshandler.

Hall of Fame Candidates 1967 Supplied by Steve Hartman.

Do You Remember Bill Osmanski? by Stan Grosshandler. Mini-bio.

Top 20 Passers by Pro Football Hall of Fame.


Number 5:

Ernie Scores 6 Touchdowns from the Chicago Tribune. Nevers’ historic game.

Fred Biletnikoff: ‘I like catching passes’ by Don Smith. Biographical article.

When Houston Struck Oil by Stan Grosshandler. The 1960-61 AFL champs.

Spec Sanders: A Memorable Runner by Stan Grosshandler. Biographical article.

Coach Vince Lombardi, the Power of Example by Victor Mastro & J. Shevalla. Bio sketch.

When the Buffalo Bills Rode High by Stan Grosshandler. Bills champs of 1964-65.

Joe Perry, ‘The Jet’ by Joseph Hession. Biographical article.

Is Dan Marino Really the Greatest Passer by Greg Thomas.

Gino Marchetti by Don Smith. Biographical article.

‘39 Packers by Stan Grosshandler. A championship team.

When Halas Cornered the Draft by Bob Carroll. How Halas built his team in 1941.


Number 6:

Where Did All the Veterans Go? by Steve Somma.

Byron White’s Rookie Season by John Hogrogian.

Tribute to Charlie Conerly by Jimmie G. Purvis.

Art Moore by Robert Sproule. Biographical article of a Canadian star.

Don Smith: Nice Guy Finishing Up by PFRA Research. Mini-bio.

Arda’s Excellent Adventure by Jim Campbell. Bio of Arda Bowser.

A Ralph by Any Other Name by Bob Carroll. Mini-bio.

Top 20: Rushing, Passing, Receiving, Scoring courtesy of PF Hall of Fame.



All-Pros: The First 40 Years by John Hogrogian. [$5]


VOLUME 19 (1997)

Number 1:

Kapp-ing a Memorable Season by Ed Gruver.

The Grange League by PFRA Research. The 1926 AFL.

The Other Buffalo Bills by Joe Marren. The AAFC team of 1946-49.

Ralph Vince by Cleveland Plain Dealer. Obituary and notes.

The Scoring Machine by Stanley Grosshandler. The1950 Rams.

Papa Bear’s Nightmare by Phil Dietrich. Halas’ minor league franchise.

Jim Conzelman by Bill Schubert. Biographical sketch.


Number 2:

Mike Haynes: Hall of Fame Defender by Joe Horrigan. Biographical article.

Book Review: Pigskin by Robert W. Peterson by Bob Carroll.

Wellington Mara: A Giant by Joe Horrigan. Biographical article.

Don Shula: All-Time Winner by Joe Horrigan. Biographical article.

Mike Webster: The Iron Man by Joe Horrigan. Biographical article.

Professor (Victo Mastro) Finds Bronx Lore In NFL by Jessica Bloch. Bio article of PFRA member.

Opinion: Sack Race by Bob Carroll. Opinion that pre-1982 sacks stay unofficial.

The World Football League’s ‘Diamonds in the Rough’ by Mark Speck.

Cecil Isbell: A Short Time in the Spotlight by PFRA Research.


Number 3:

An AFL Legacy: The Odd-Front Defense by Ed Gruver.

When the Eagles Flew High by Stanley Grosshandler. Championships in 1948-49.

In Detroit, Where the Wheels Fell Off by Mark Speck. A tale of the WFL.

Lem Barney by Don Smith. Biographical article.

The ‘Famous’ Ironton Tanks by Carl M. Becker. Independent team of the 1920s.

Pros’ Woes by Phil Dietrich. Minor League ball in Akron.

This Day in Pro Football: Happy Birthday by Bob Carroll. Cartoons. [Not available]


Number 4:

Oh, Those X ‘s and O’s: The Evolution of NFL Strategy by Jim Campbell.

The Legend of ‘Wildman’ Willey by Ron Pollack.

Buffalo’s 2-Sport Guys by Joe Marren.

Ox Emerson by Fred Crawford.

Herman Hickman: The Tennessee Terror by Mike Gershman.

Football on the Web: Pro Football Hall of Fame by Bob Carroll.


Number 5:

The Lombardi Sweep by Ed Gruver.

Indians Occupy Faded Spot in Buffalo Scrapbook by Joe Marren.

NFL Called on Buffalo in 1940 by Joe Marren.

Ron and Rich [Saul] by Jim Sargent.

Twas the Night Before the PFRA Meeting by Bob Carroll. Poem.

Andre Reed and the Hall of Fame by Keith Joyner.

Football on the Web: College Football Hall of Fame by Bob Carroll.

Greedy? Enough Already! (opinion) by Bob Carroll.


Number 6:

Pass That Drumstick! Go, Lions! by Bob Carroll.

The Game Not Played, Packers vs. Spartans 1931 by Carl Becker.

New Year’s Eve, 1967, Lambeau Field by Victor Mastro. Poem.

The Fire Burned Bright Before It Went Out by Mark Speck.

The Outlanders by PFRA Research. List of Outland Trophy winners.

Pro Football’s ‘Worst to First’ by Mark Speck.

The Greatest Ever by Bob Carroll.

Don Hutson’s First NFL Game by John Hogrogian.

Top 100 Rushers by PFRA Research. Career and per game.



1923 Season by PFRA Research. [$5]


VOLUME 20 (1998)

Number 1:

All-Time Non-Pro Bowl Team by Mike Sparrow.

Better Late Than Never by Mark Speck.

The Minneapolis Marines: Minnesota’s Forgotten Team by Jim Quirk.

Pro Football Hall of Fame Top 20 Passers courtesy of Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Father Flynn & Last NFL Champ at Yankee Stadium by Victor Mastro.

Dan Reeves Moves West by Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Little Known and - Facts - Running Backs by Brian D. Marshall.

1938 NFL Championship Game by PFRA Research.

8 Great Guards (Not in the Hall of Fame) by Total Football.

Football on the Web: Pro Football Researchers Association by PFRA Research.


Number 2:

Roy Barni - Perfect Form by Jim Campbell.

World Bowl I - And Only by Mark Speck.

Impact of Red Grange on Pro Football in 1925 by John M. Carroll.

Bruiser [Kinard] by Jim Campbell. Biographical article.

1960 NFL Conference Races: The Best Ever? by Tom Farley.

Pro Football Players Don’t Wear Glass Slippers by Mark Speck.

Benny Friedman by Jim Campbell. Biographical article.

Scrimmage! The USFL Was a Major League by Paul Reeths and Bob Carroll.


Number 3:

Remembering Ray Nitschke by Ed Gruver.

A Touchdown Ain’t a Bad Defense by Coach TJ Troup.

Nagurski’s Debut and Rockne’s Lesson: 1930 Season by Bob Carroll.

You Can’t Choo Nittany: Nickname Origins by Stuart Kantor.

Hail and Farewell: Player Deaths 1/1/96-6-1/98 by Bob Carroll.

Hall of Fame Top 20: Rushing, Receiving, Scoring courtesy of Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The Bodyguard and Johnny U by Chris Willis.


Number 4:

The Immaculate Reception by Gene Collier. Franco Harris’ greatest moment.

Paul Krause by Joe Horrigan. Biographical article.

Tommy McDonald by Joe Horrigan. Biographical article.

Anthony Munoz by Joe Horrigan. Biographical article.

Mike Singletary by Joe Horrigan. Biographical article.

Dwight Stephenson by Joe Horrigan. Biographical article.

Clare Randolph by Jim Campbell. Biographical sketch.


Number 5:

Larry Brown: Paying the Price by Mark A. Latterman. Biographical article.

Why the NFC? by Tom Danyluk.

The Longest Day by Paul Reeths.

Rating Passers by Ralph Horton.

My Homage to Sam Francis by Albert Packman. Biographical sketch.

Fifteen Years with the Same Team by Stan Grosshandler.

When Defense Ruled the Day by Ed Gruver.

The NFL’s ‘Dirty Dozen’ by Mark Speck.

Montana’s Professional Football Team by Gerald R. Green.


Number 6:

Leo Sugar by Jim Sargent. Biographical article.

The Smallest Player Ever in the NFL by Buck Bashore. Biographical sketch of Jack Shapiro.

Great (Ray) Scott by Ed Gruver. Biographical article.

Bud Grant by Brian Marshall.

George Hughes by Jim Sargent. Biographical article.

Goin’ to the Dogs by Paul Bennett.

Gritz Blitz by Mark Speck.

Dwight Sloan: Paddlefoot by Stan Grosshandler. Biographical sketch.



All-Pro Teams: The Modern Years by John Turney


VOLUME 21 (1999)

Number 1:

PFRA Awards.

Fantastic Finishes: Three Weeks with the New York Titans by William J. Ryczek.

Football’s Fertile Crescent: Pittsburgh Sandlots by Eric Poole.

Bill Walsh: All-Pro Center by Jim Sargent.

Welcome the PIFL and the RFL by Stuart Kantor.

1998 Player Deaths.

Jack Pardee - Survivor by Mark Speck.

A Perfect Season: the 1948 Browns by Lawrence Lee Jr.

Johnny Sisk by Stan Grosshandler.

Don Kindt by Stan Grosshandler.


Number 2:

Rules of the Name by Jim Campbell.

Football’s Fertile Crescent - Pittsburgh Colts by Eric Poole.

The White, Night Football by Alan Ross.

Trainer Bobby Brown by Kevin Carroll.

Three-Peat! The 1931 Season by Bob Carroll.

Q-Ratings for the NFL by Bob Carroll.

Herman Gundlach: The Real Deal by Jim Campbell.


Number 3:

Ringers by the Van: Ironton vs. Portsmouth Smoke House, 1923 by Carl Becker.

Lou Rymkus: The Battler by Kevin Carroll.

Pro Football Hall of Fame Top 20.

Fertile Crescent III: High Caliber Talent on Local Sandlot Fields by Eric Poole.

1932: 60-yard Circus by Bob Carroll.

Elijah Pitts: The Ideal Second String Back by Stan Grosshandler.

Remembering Gene Brito based on articles by Jim Campbell and Robert L. Cannon.


Number 4:

A Cup of Coffee Player: John Stock by Mel Bashore.

2,105! Eric Dickerson by Joe Horrigan.

Tom Who? Tom Mack by Joe Horrigan.

Wizard: Ozzie Newsome by Joe Horrigan.

An Aw Shucks Guy: Billy Shaw by Joe Horrigan.

LT: Lawrence Taylor by Joe Horrigan.

Murray City’s Mighty Tigers by Roy Cross.

A Cup of Coffee Player: Jack Shapiro by Mel Bashore.

Riot in Yankee Stadium by Tom Farley.

Pat O’Dea: The Kangaroo Kicker by Stuart Kantor.


Number 5:

Frank Varrichione: All-American and Pro Tackle by Jim Sargent.

Five Men I Wish I Could Have Interviewed by Stan Grosshandler.

St. Vincent’s Achilles Heel by Dan Heilman.

$500? Why Not? by Bob Carroll.

Mike Holovak: The Forgotten Founder by Harold Aurand, Jr.

Don Stonesifer: The Greatest Recever of the Chicago Cardinals by Jim Sargent.

1932 Individual Statistics compiled by Bob Carroll from Total Football.


Number 6:

Hap Moran, My Dad by Mike Moran.

Rushing Leaders (with per game average) compiled by Bob Carroll.

Ray Mansfield - A sense of History by Jim Campbell.

Carruth Not the First.

George an’ Me by Bob Carroll.

Hugh Gallarneau submitted by John Gunn.

Lance Alworth’s 96 game receiving streak ended at 92 games by Paul Lovett.

Elias Answers by Bob Carroll. The discovery of Pete Emelianchik.

Pro Football’s Most Consistent Contenders by Richard Hack.

The Packer Fullbacks by Stan Grosshandler.

Blitz! By Scott M. Johnson.

The Last Dropkick by John Hogrogian.

1920 Season Scoring compiled by Bob Carroll.



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