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VOLUME 31 (2009)

Number 1:

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PFRA Committee Report by Ken Crippen.

Seasons In The Sun: The California Winter League of 1927 and '28 by Bob Gill.

Left Wingers by John Maxymuk.

Horses, Trucks and Rockets by Tracy Thibeau.

Hanford Dixon by Roger Gordon.

Showing the Facts Under the Friday Night Lights by Dr. Gregory Selber.

Player Deaths in 2008.

Number 2:

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PFRA Corporate Bylaws Revisions by Ken Crippen.

One in 12,837.

Steamrollered: 1928 by Bob Carroll and John Hogrogian.

A True Football Classic by Rick Gonsalves.

Before Baugh by Bob Gill.

(Book Review) McKay's Men by reviewed Andy Piascik.

(Book Review) St. Clair: I'll Take It Raw! reviewed by Andy Piascik.

(Book Review) Pride & Poise: The Oakland Raiders of the American Football League reviewed by Andy Piascik.

Texans 27 - Bears 23 by Tracy Thibeau.

Number 3:

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Bob Hayes Hall of Fame Biography.

Randall McDaniel Hall of Fame Biography.

Bruce Smith Hall of Fame Biography.

Derrick Thomas Hall of Fame Biography.

Ralph Wilson Hall of Fame Biography.

Rod Woodson Hall of Fame Biography.

Punt Returns for Touchdowns: 1990-1999 by Gary Selby.

When Lions Roared: Detroit's 1957 NFL Championship Season by Jim Sargent.

The Shamrock Bowl by Mark Bolding.

Carl Hairston by Roger Gordon.

Number 4:

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PFRA Committees by Ken Crippen. An update on several of the various PFRA Committees, including the Bylaws Committee, Oral History Committee, All-America Football Conference Committee, Hall of Very Good Committee, Linescore Committee, USFL Committee, Uniforms of Past Teams Committee and the TV and Radio Commentators Committee.

PFRA Elections by Ken Crippen. A call for nominations for PFRA officers.

The Packers Crash Through: 1929 by Bob Carroll and PFRA Research. A summary of the 1929 NFL season.

1946 All-America Football Conference All-Rookie Team by John Collins. An opinion on who should be on the All-Rookie team for the inaugural year of the All-America Football Conference.

Violet and Walter by Tracy Thibeau. The story of Violet Bidwill Wolfner's tenure as the owner of the Chicago Cardinals. Walter Wolfner took over football operations when he married Violet, and the team fell apart.

The NFL World Championship Game: December 24, 1950 by Bob Follensbee. The 1950 NFL Championship Game pitted the Cleveland Browns against the Los Angeles Rams. At stake was the reputation of the NFL against the former All-America Football Conference team. The game would turn out to be a passing duel between Otto Graham and Bob Waterfield.


Number 5:

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PFRA-ternizing. Statements are made from the two candidates running for President of the PFRA.

PFRA Committees by Ken Crippen. An update on several of the various PFRA Committees, including the Membership Committee, Oral History Committee, Hall of Very Good Committee, Website and Forum Committee, All-America Football Conference Committee, and the Television and Radio Commentators Committee. Details of the next PFRA Meeting are also discussed.

Hall of Very Good by Andy Piascik, Bob Gill, Sean Lahman and Ken Crippen. Biographies of the Hall of Very Good are provided for this year's voting.

The National Football League Commissioner's Report on Investigation: April 17, 1963. The official NFL Commissioner's report on gambling throughout the league and the accusations against specific players: Bob St. Clair, Rick Casares, John Gordy, Alex Karras, Darris McCord, Wayne Walker, Carroll Rosenbloom (owner), Paul Hornung, Joe Schmidt and Sam Williams.

The Great Quarterback Migration by John Maxymuk. A look at black quarterbacks in the 1970s  who went to Canada for a better chance at playing pro football.

Joe DeLamielleure by Roger Gordon. A short biography of the Hall of Fame guard for the Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns.

Taciturn Tommy Thompson by Tracy Thibeau. A biography of Tommy Thompson, quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles in the 1940s.

The Most Impressive Team I've Ever Seen by Raymond Lee. A detailed look at the 1969 Kansas City Chiefs.

Number 6:

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PFRA-ternizing. PFRA election results.

Bob Carroll Tribute. Several long-time members of the PFRA comment on Bob Carroll and his impact on their lives.

Heidi-Ho! by Bob Carroll. An account of the infamous Heidi game, where NBC cut away from the New York Jets-Oakland Raiders contest to show Heidi.

Looking Into Your Locals by Bob Carroll. Tips and techniques on how to start researching local teams.

How to Get From Dayton To Indianapolis By Way of Brooklyn, Boston, New York, Dallas, Hershey and Baltimore by Bob Carroll. Tracing the franchise history of the Indianapolis Colts.

Semi-Pro or Pro? by Bob Carroll. Examining the difference between a semi-pro player and a pro player.

Rating the Receivers by Bob Carroll. A humorous look at trying to create a rating system for receivers.

When Halas Cornered the Draft by Bob Carroll. A detailed look at George Halas and his early 1940s drafts.

'Twas the Night Before the PFRA Meeting by Bob Carroll. A poem written by Bob Carroll.

This month's Coffin Corner

1958 Baltimore Colts

The 1966 Green Bay Packers

The All-America Football Conference

The Early History of Professional Football

A Minor Masterpiece

2020 Convention
June 18-21, 2020
Pro Football Hall of Fame
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