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VOLUME 29 (2007)

Number 1:

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One on One with Ozzie Newsome, Part 1 by Roger Gordon.

Houston Trio Were Trailblazers in Extravagant End Zone Antics by Dr. Gregory Selber.

1898 Syracuse Athletic Association by Ken Crippen.

PFRA Committees by Ken Crippen.

Player Deaths in 2006.

Book Review: The Best Show in Football by Andy Piascik review by Bill Pepperell.

The Columbus Panhandles. Brief description of his new book by Chris Willis.

The Complete 1965 and 1966 NEA All-Pro Teams by John Turney.

I'm Jack Whitaker and This Is the NFL Game of the Week by Andy Piascik. Legendary voice.

Should the Packers Pack It In? by Bob Carroll. PETA protests.

Book Review: Outsiders: Minor League and Independent Football 1923-1950 by Bob Gill. Brief review.

Number 2:

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Hay-Ross Winners / What Shoe Contract? by Jim Campbell.

PFRA Committees by Ken Crippen.

Hall of Very Good 2007.

1987 Connecticut Giants by Mark L. Ford.

Florida, 'The Son-Shine State' by Denis M. Crawford.

Those Guys from Milton by Jim Campbell.

One on One with Ozzie Newsome, Part 2 by Roger Gordon.

Well-Oiled Machine by Dr. Gregory Selber. Houston Oilers of early 1960s.

Troup's Luggin' the Leather: An Appendage by Bob Irving.

The Orange County Rhinos by Lee Elder.

Number 3:

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AAFC vs NFL: The Attendance Battle by Andy Piascik.

Howard 'Cub' Buck by John Maxymuk.

Differential Scores by Bob Irving.

The Two and Only by Jim Campbell.

Wilbur and Orville for the HOF by Bob Carroll.

One on One with Ozzie Newsome, Part 3 by Roger Gordon.

Bosh Pritchard by John Maxymuk.

Pro Football Lore by Joe Horrigan.

Number 4:

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Gene Hickerson from Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Michael Irvin from Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Bruce Matthews from Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Charlie Sanders from Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Thurman Thomas from Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Roger Wehrli from Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Comparing the NFL, AFL, and AAFC by Andy Piascik.

Tobin Rote by John Maxymuk.

Hall of Fame Presenters by Patrick Gallivan.

Book Review: All Things Being Equal: The Autobiography of Lenny Moore review by Harold Aurand, Jr.

PFRA Committees by Ken Crippen.

Number 5:

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Replacement Legends of the Fall by Mark L. Ford.

I Was a 3rd Down Man by T.J. Troup.

Best Point Differential by Andy Piascik.

Jack Hinkle by John Maxymuk.

The 1947 College All-Star Game by Ed Gruver.

When Bill Walsh Became Bill Walsh by Michael D. Parker.

Send in the Adverbs by Anonymous.

Recent Books by PFRA Writers.

PFRA Committees by Ken Crippen.

Number 6:

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PFRA Committees by Ken Crippen.

Football's Best Pennant Races by Andy Piascik.

Bob Gain by Roger Gordon.

Baseball & Football's Close Relationship by Brian McKenna and Mark Ford.

Right Place, Wrong Time by Gino Malattia.

Overtime Opinion by Kyle Standerfer.

Forward Pass Rules by James Whalen, Sr.

Number 7:

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PFRA-ternizing - Bob Braunwart Passes

Red Equals Green by Bob Carroll. A look at the 1925 season.

Monte Clark by Roger Gordon.

John Baker by Chuck Finder of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Pearce Johnson Interview by John Carroll. Interview of the treasurer of the 1928 Providence Steam Roller.

A Sense of Place.

Dick Modzelewski by Roger Gordon.

This month's Coffin Corner

1958 Baltimore Colts

The 1966 Green Bay Packers

The All-America Football Conference

The Early History of Professional Football

A Minor Masterpiece

2020 Convention
June 18-21, 2020
Pro Football Hall of Fame
Canton, Ohio