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Number 1:

Ron Kramer: All-American by Jim Sargent. Biography of the first famous tight end.

Kenosha Maroons 1924 - A Brief Spot in History by Roy Sye. Less than a great success.

Wicarhpi Isnala 'Lone Star' (Dietz) by Rob Jackson. Biography of the famous Indian coach.

Quarterback Al Dorow by Jim Sargent. Who preceded Broadway Joe at quarterback for the New York Jets?

What If There Hadn't Been Strikes? by Roger Gordon. History might have been different.

Number 2:

Gail Coghdill by Jim Sargent. Bio article about an outstanding split end of the 1960s.

Olympic Gold, NFL Lead by Mark L. Ford. Olympians who played in the NFL.

Cliff Battles by Michael Richman. Bio article about the NFL's first rushing champion.

Player Deaths in 2003. The annual record.

Ace Gutowsky by Doug Warren. A 1930s Lion running star.

Hall of Very Good 2004. Brito, Brodie, Butler, Hanburger, Haynes, Howton, Marshall, Nesser, Robinson, Slater.

Post-Season Football TV Announcers 1948-2003 compiled by Tim Brulia.

Number 3:

Jerry Groom, All-American by Jim Sargent. Notre Dame, Chi Cards and Leahy's Lads.

Bob Brown: Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2004.

Carl Eller: Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2004.

John Elway: Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2004.

Barry Sanders: Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2004.

Norm Schachter in Super Bowl V: The Official Version by Mark Ford. The 'Blunder Bowl.'

Did Too Many Coaches Spoil the Broth? By Mark Speck. Co-coaches?

The Unique Career of Greasy Neale by Alan Mann. More than a great coach.

Chronology of Pro Football on TV, Part I (1939-69) compiled by Tim Brulia

Number 4:

Chris Spielman by Roger Gordon.

The 75 Days of the NAFL by Mark L. Ford. The first days of the NFL-AAFC merger.

Clyde Shugart by Michael Richman. Redskins guard.

Walt Kowalczyk, The Sprinting Blacksmith by Jim Sargent.

Ralph Hay: A Forgotten Pioneer by Chris Willis.

Chronology of Pro Football on TV, Part 2 (1970-79) compiled by Tim Brulia.

The Magnificent Seven by Coach T.J. Troup. Hall of Fame quarterbacks.

Number 5:

Close But No Cigar by Mark Speck. The best teams that didn't make the playoffs.

Football's Least Replaceable Players by Greg Thomas. Judging statistically.

Spiderman, the Jimmy Allen Story by John Bennett. An underrated DB.

1952: The Dawning of Motown's Gridiron Empire by Doug Warren. Here come Layne & Walker.

A Safety Analysis by Gary Selby. Where, when and how of the rare two-pointer.

Chronology of Pro Football on TV, Part 3 (1980-89) compiled by Tim Brulia.

Number 6:

Dick Nolan: Man of Many Seasons by Don Shipley. Nearly 43 seasons as player and coach.

Interim Coaches: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly by Mark Speck.

A 'Win Shares' System for Football by Greg Thomas.

Chronology of Pro Football on TV, Part 4 (1990-2003) compiled by Tim Brulia.

Book Review: Curly Lambeau by David Zimmerman by John Vorperian.

11-3 and Forever Second by Doug Warren. 1962 Lion.

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