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Number 1:

PFRA Awards.

Fantastic Finishes: Three Weeks with the New York Titans by William J. Ryczek.

Football's Fertile Crescent: Pittsburgh Sandlots by Eric Poole.

Bill Walsh: All-Pro Center by Jim Sargent.

Welcome the PIFL and the RFL by Stuart Kantor.

1998 Player Deaths.

Jack Pardee - Survivor by Mark Speck.

A Perfect Season: the 1948 Browns by Lawrence Lee Jr.

Johnny Sisk by Stan Grosshandler.

Don Kindt by Stan Grosshandler.

Number 2:

Rules of the Name by Jim Campbell.

Football's Fertile Crescent - Pittsburgh Colts by Eric Poole.

The White, Night Football by Alan Ross.

Trainer Bobby Brown by Kevin Carroll.

Three-Peat! The 1931 Season by Bob Carroll.

Q-Ratings for the NFL by Bob Carroll.

Herman Gundlach: The Real Deal by Jim Campbell.

Number 3:

Ringers by the Van: Ironton vs. Portsmouth Smoke House, 1923 by Carl Becker.

Lou Rymkus: The Battler by Kevin Carroll.

Pro Football Hall of Fame Top 20.

Fertile Crescent III: High Caliber Talent on Local Sandlot Fields by Eric Poole.

1932: 60-yard Circus by Bob Carroll.

Elijah Pitts: The Ideal Second String Back by Stan Grosshandler.

Remembering Gene Brito based on articles by Jim Campbell and Robert L. Cannon.

Number 4:

A Cup of Coffee Player: John Stock by Mel Bashore.

2,105! Eric Dickerson by Joe Horrigan.

Tom Who? Tom Mack by Joe Horrigan.

Wizard: Ozzie Newsome by Joe Horrigan.

An Aw Shucks Guy: Billy Shaw by Joe Horrigan.

LT: Lawrence Taylor by Joe Horrigan.

Murray City's Mighty Tigers by Roy Cross.

A Cup of Coffee Player: Jack Shapiro by Mel Bashore.

Riot in Yankee Stadium by Tom Farley.

Pat O'Dea: The Kangaroo Kicker by Stuart Kantor.

Number 5:

Frank Varrichione: All-American and Pro Tackle by Jim Sargent.

Five Men I Wish I Could Have Interviewed by Stan Grosshandler.

St. Vincent's Achilles Heel by Dan Heilman.

$500? Why Not? by Bob Carroll.

Mike Holovak: The Forgotten Founder by Harold Aurand, Jr.

Don Stonesifer: The Greatest Recever of the Chicago Cardinals by Jim Sargent.

1932 Individual Statistics compiled by Bob Carroll from Total Football.

Number 6:

Hap Moran, My Dad by Mike Moran.

Rushing Leaders (with per game average) compiled by Bob Carroll.

Ray Mansfield - A sense of History by Jim Campbell.

Carruth Not the First.

George an' Me by Bob Carroll.

Hugh Gallarneau submitted by John Gunn.

Lance Alworth's 96 game receiving streak ended at 92 games by Paul Lovett.

Elias Answers by Bob Carroll. The discovery of Pete Emelianchik.

Pro Football's Most Consistent Contenders by Richard Hack.

The Packer Fullbacks by Stan Grosshandler.

Blitz! By Scott M. Johnson.

The Last Dropkick by John Hogrogian.

1920 Season Scoring compiled by Bob Carroll.

2020 Convention
June 18-21, 2020
Pro Football Hall of Fame
Canton, Ohio

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