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Number 1:

Kapp-ing a Memorable Season by Ed Gruver.

The Grange League by PFRA Research. The 1926 AFL.

The Other Buffalo Bills by Joe Marren. The AAFC team of 1946-49.

Ralph Vince by Cleveland Plain Dealer. Obituary and notes.

The Scoring Machine by Stanley Grosshandler. The1950 Rams.

Papa Bear's Nightmare by Phil Dietrich. Halas' minor league franchise.

Jim Conzelman by Bill Schubert. Biographical sketch.

Number 2:

Mike Haynes: Hall of Fame Defender by Joe Horrigan. Biographical article.

Book Review: Pigskin by Robert W. Peterson by Bob Carroll.

Wellington Mara: A Giant by Joe Horrigan. Biographical article.

Don Shula: All-Time Winner by Joe Horrigan. Biographical article.

Mike Webster: The Iron Man by Joe Horrigan. Biographical article.

Professor (Victo Mastro) Finds Bronx Lore In NFL by Jessica Bloch. Bio article of PFRA member.

Opinion: Sack Race by Bob Carroll. Opinion that pre-1982 sacks stay unofficial.

The World Football League's "Diamonds in the Rough" by Mark Speck.

Cecil Isbell: A Short Time in the Spotlight by PFRA Research.

Number 3:

An AFL Legacy: The Odd-Front Defense by Ed Gruver.

When the Eagles Flew High by Stanley Grosshandler. Championships in 1948-49.

In Detroit, Where the Wheels Fell Off by Mark Speck. A tale of the WFL.

Lem Barney by Don Smith. Biographical article.

The "Famous" Ironton Tanks by Carl M. Becker. Independent team of the 1920s.

Pros' Woes by Phil Dietrich. Minor League ball in Akron.

Number 4:

Oh, Those X's and O's: The Evolution of NFL Strategy by Jim Campbell.

The Legend of "Wildman" Willey by Ron Pollack.

Buffalo's 2-Sport Guys by Joe Marren.

Ox Emerson by Fred Crawford.

Herman Hickman: The Tennessee Terror by Mike Gershman.

Football on the Web: Pro Football Hall of Fame by Bob Carroll.

Number 5:

The Lombardi Sweep by Ed Gruver.

Indians Occupy Faded Spot in Buffalo Scrapbook by Joe Marren.

NFL Called on Buffalo in 1940 by Joe Marren.

Ron and Rich [Saul] by Jim Sargent.

Twas the Night Before the PFRA Meeting by Bob Carroll. Poem.

Andre Reed and the Hall of Fame by Keith Joyner.

Football on the Web: College Football Hall of Fame by Bob Carroll.

Greedy? Enough Already! (opinion) by Bob Carroll.

Number 6:

Pass That Drumstick! Go, Lions! by Bob Carroll.

The Game Not Played, Packers vs. Spartans 1931 by Carl Becker.

New Year's Eve, 1967, Lambeau Field by Victor Mastro. Poem.

The Fire Burned Bright Before It Went Out by Mark Speck.

The Outlanders by PFRA Research. List of Outland Trophy winners.

Pro Football's "Worst to First" by Mark Speck.

The Greatest Ever by Bob Carroll.

Don Hutson's First NFL Game by John Hogrogian.

Top 100 Rushers by PFRA Research. Career and per game.

Annual: 1923 Season by PFRA Research

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