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Number 1:

Winslow, Kellen by Don Smith.

Dick McCann by Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Best of 1945 by Bob Carroll.

[Knute] Rockne's Pro Football Roots by Emil Klosinski.

Indiana Football Hall of Fame by Bob Carroll.

Eddie Rucinski (mini-bio) by Bob Carroll.

The Greatest Game Ever Played (poem) by V. Mastro and C.C. Staph.

Doc Young and the Hammond Pros by Bob Carroll.

Number 2:

Phil Bengston: Green Bay's Defensive Genius by Ed Gruver.

Henry Jordan by Don Smith.

PF, SEF, DEF and the Greatest Offenses by Raymond Lee.

Alex Webster (mini-bio) by Bob Carroll.

HOF Top 20: Coaches, Comb Yds, Pass, Rush, Rec Score by Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Jim Benton (mini-bio) by Bob Carroll.

Lynn Chandnois by Jim Sargent.

Number 3:

Lee Roy Selmon by Don Smith.

Ohio Valley in 1924 by Bob Gill.

Jets' First Training Camp by John Hogrogian.

Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame by Bob Carroll.

San Diego 1963: The AFL's First Super Team by Ed Gruver.

Number 4:

Providence Starts Rolling: 1924 by Bob Gill.

John Hannah by Don Smith.

Earl Campbell by Don Smith.

Jim Finks: Builder by Don Smith.

Steve Largent by Don Smith.

George Ratterman (mini-bio) by Bob Carroll.

Tommy Thompson: When Is a Tommy Not a Lurtis? by Bob Carroll.

Still Another Look at Early Interceptions by Ed Coen.

Number 5:

President's Corner by Jack Clary.

Mario Tonelli; The Greatest Tonelli of Them All by Mike Isaacs.

Billy Wade (mini-bio) by Bob Carroll.

Carl Brumbaugh: A Darned Good Quarterback by Carl M Becker.

How to Get from Dayton to Indianapolis by Bob Carroll.

Number 6:

President's Corner: Part 2 by Jack Clary.

Tex Schramm by Don Smith.

Jan Stenerud by Don Smith.

Roman Gabriel by Robert R Jackson.

Joe Schmidt: Detroit's Lion behind the Line by Jim Sargent.

Bob Gain (mini-bio) by James D Whalen.

Passing Stats by Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Annual: Down Payments by Phil Dietrich

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