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Number 1:

American Football Association Hall of Fame.

Evolution of NFL Players by Jim Campbell.

Top 20 Passers by Pro Football Hall of Fame.

1953: When the NFL Had Character by Stan Grosshandler.

Byron White: Benchwarmer Supreme by Jim Campbell.

Doctors in the Huddle by Jim Campbell.

Number 2:

John Alexander: Pro Football Pioneer by Jim Campbell.

Top 20 Receivers, Rushers by Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Podunk vs Gotham (Cleveland vs New York, 1946) by Jack Ziegler.

Riley Matheson (mini-bio) by Bob Carroll.

John Riggins: The Diesel by Don Smith.

Dick Stanfel by Bob Carroll.

Number 3:

Stapletons: Just Staten Out on the Island (pre-NFL) by Bob Gill.

Top 20 Scorers, Combined Yards, Coaches by Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Don Jonas: Best Little Quarterback You Never Heard of by Bob Gill.

Research Notes: 1894 League? by Bob Gill.

Rote & Blanda: Tale of 2 QBs by Bob Gill.

Florida Blazers 1974: Study in Focus by Mark Speck.

Number 4:

First 25 Years by Jack Clary.

Ralph E. Hay by Bob Carroll.

When the Best Team Lost by Bob Carroll.

Indoors at the (Boston) Garden by Philip J. Carver.

Johnny Drake, (mini-bio) by Bob Carroll.

Number 5:

Second 25 Years by Jack Clary.

Pro Football Hall of Fame: In the Beginning by Chris Willis.

Bill Willis: Dominant Defender by Bob Carroll.

Emlen Tunnell: A Giant of Defense by Bob Carroll.

Leroy Kelly by Don Smith.

Abe Gibron, (mini-bio) by Bob Carroll.

Lowell Perry: Memories by Mark A. Latterman.

Number 6:

Third 25 Years by Jack Clary.

Jackie Smith: Revolutionary Receiver by Don Smith.

Walter Payton: Sweetness by Don Smith.

Greatest Running Back by Raymond Lee.

Jimmy Johnson: Calculating Cornerback by Don Smith.

Hall of Fame Top 15 Lists by Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Down in the Valley by Bob Gill

2020 Convention
June 18-21, 2020
Pro Football Hall of Fame
Canton, Ohio

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