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VOLUME 13 (1991)

Number 1:

The Eagle Tackle Was Albert (Wistert) by Bob Carroll.

Canadian Football: Past to Present by Bob Sproule.

The NFL's Six Most Significant Games by Stan Grosshandler.

A Conversation with Hank Luebke by Richard Topp.

The AFL: A League Too Often Misremembered by Greg Thomas.

Mini-Bios: Campbell, Hannah, Jones, Schramm, Stenerud, Eller, Greenwood, Youngblood.

Number 2:

The Last Fall of the Titans by John Hogrogian.

The First Hut (humor) by Dr. Charles T. Gregory.

Marion Motley: Some Say He Was Greatest by Insider!

Starr Still Shining Bright by Joe Zagorski.

Mini-Bios: Hornung, Houston, Lanier, Tarkenton, Mackey, Sears, Swann, Wistert.

Number 3:

Tigers Roar in Tennessee: Memphis 1930s by Bob Gill.

No Such Word as Can't by Kevin Everett.

Starting at the Bottom by Steve Brainerd.

Forgotten Men (Harry Mattos, Andy Karpus) by Bob Gill.

Mini-Bios: McCormack, C.Taylor, Weinmeister, Gatski, Namath, Rozelle, Simpson, Staubach .

Number 4:

American Football League Attendance 1960-69 by Bob Carroll.

Jock Sutherland: Forgotten Coaching Great by Jack Ziegler.

Shelby Who? Ohio Pro Football in 1910 by Bob Carroll.

The Season of '41 by Stan Grosshandler.

Mini-Bios: Jurgensen, Mitchell, Warfield, W. Brown, Musso, Olsen, Bobby Bell, Gillman.

Number 5:

Forgotten Firsts by Bob Gill. The author, in cooperation with David Neft, lists the first time an NFL player rushed for 100 and 200 yards, passed for 200 and 300, caught passes for 100 yards, etc.

The Titans Become the Jets by John Hogrogian. The final, litigation-filled days of the sad New York Titans, as Harry Wismer tried in vain to stave off selling the team to the group headed by Sonny Werblin.

Balancing Dollars and Sense by Bob Gill. Based on Pearce Johnson's profit-loss ledgers for the minor league Providence Steam Roller of 1940, this presents a wealth of information about the economics of minor league football before World War II.

Starting from the Bottom: Part 2 by Steve Brainerd. The second installment (from Mike Evans to Harry Kline) of a list of players who graduated from the minor leagues to the majors.

Mini-Bios: Bob Lilly, J.Otto, Badgro, Blanda, Willie Davis, Ringo, Atkins, Huff . Series of eight cartoons and brief biographies of Bob Lilly, Jim Otto, Red Badgro, George Blanda, Willie Davis, Jim Ringo, Doug Atkins, and Sam Huff.

Number 6:

1975 Green Bay Packers by Joe Zagorski. The Packers hoped to regain the glory of the Lombardi-years by hiring Bart Starr as coach, but the results in a frustrating transitional season were only 4-10.

Philadelphia Memories by Jim Campbell.

The Longest Football Game Ever (to 1962) by Don Smith. The longest game ever (up till then), the 1962 American Football League Championship Game pitted the Dallas Texans against the defending champion Houston Oilers in a bang-up overtime game.

The 1962 Grey Cup: Played in a Fog by Jack Zeigler. The Winnipeg-Hamilton CFL championship took 25 hours to complete when fog became so heavy in the fourth quarter the game was delayed until the next day.

1946 Season: From One War to Another by Stan Grosshandler. World War II was over but the NFL had a new fight on its hands with the birth of the All-America Football Conference. This article concentrates on the NFL's season.

Mini-Bios: Larry Wilson, Nitschke, Lary, Butkus, Unitas, Mix, Deacon Jones, Herb Adderley . Series of eight cartoons and brief biographies of Ray Nitschke, Larry Wilson, Dick Butkus, Yale Lary, Ron Mix, Johnny Unitas, Herb Adderley, and Deacon Jones.

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