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VOLUME 22 (2000)

Number 1:

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The NFL in 1939 by John Hogrogian. Despite the nation’s continuing economic woes, the NFL continued to break attendance records. Green Bay won its 5th league championship by defeating New York in Milwaukee.

Roger Brown by Jim Sargent. A member of two “Fearsome Foursomes,” first on the Detroit Lions and then on the Los Angeles Rams, Brown was a top performer from 1960 through 1969.

History of Women’s Pro Football by Stuart Kantor. An overview of women’s professional football teams and leagues dating back to the briefly to1920’s through the modern era leagues of the 1960’s and 1970’s, and through the establishment of the Women’s Professional Football League (WPFL) in 1999.

Pro Football Hall of Fame Top 20. The Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Top Twenty list of all-time leaders in passing, rushing, receiving, and scoring through the 1999 season.  The list, which is updated weekly during the football season, includes statistics from the AAFC.

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A Football Man: Coach Bob Snyder by Peter Vischansky. Bob Snyder, who shared quarterbacking duties with Sid Luckman when George Halas was installing the T formation with the Chicago Bears, worked with Frank Leahy to install the T formation at Notre Dame in 1942.  The result was 6 unbeaten teams and 4 national championships for Notre Dame from 1942 to 1953.

Let’s Tweak the Hall of Fame Voting by Bob Carroll. While praising the voting procedures of the Pro Football Hall of Fame as the fairest of the all sports hall of fames, the article suggests that the composition of the 38 person selection committee change each year. 


Number 2:

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The College All-Star Football Classic by Joe Grogan. The College All-Star game was played every year from 1934 through 1976.  Conceived by Chicago Tribune sports editor Arch Ward and George Halas, the game showcased the best rookies s they squared off against the professional football champions.  Despite its early popularity, by the time the game was canceled, there was little fan interest and greater reluctance among pro teams to have prized rookies miss part of training camp and risk injury. 

1999 Player Deaths.

All-Pros from the Detroit News, 1958-72, Part 1 by Bob Gill. The Detroit News selected its own All-Pro teams from 1957-72.  Its selections reflected home town biases, with a fair number of Lions always making the teams.  The selections, as noted here in the installment covering 1957-65, were also typically idiosyncratic with several consensus national choices each year being ignored in favor of players who were either second team selections only or did not even make any of the major teams.

Get the Point? by Robert Sproule. In Canadian football, what is referred to as a touchback in the United States, is a 1 point score.

1933 NFL Statistics Prepared by Chris Bynum.


Number 3:

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The Marine Captain Stood Tall by John Gunn. Bobby Dunlap, who won a Medal of Honor on Iwo Jima, was offered a contract by the Philadelphia Eagles despite his small size.

The ’76 Steelers: A (Steel) Curtain Call by Ed Gruver. Led by an tenacious defense and an overpowering ground game, this may have been the greatest Pittsburgh team of the 1970’s.  But for key injuries to Franco Harris and Rocky Bleier, the Steelers may have likely defeated the Raiders in the AFC Championship game and gone on to a 3rd straight Super Bowl victory.

Cliff Battles by John Seaburn. Battles had a Hall of Fame career, at running back for the Boston Braves-Redskins, Washington Redskins.  Following Washington’s 1937 championship season, Battles had a salary dispute with owner Geroge Preston Marshall, and retired.

All-Pros from the Detroit News, 1958-72, Part 2 by Bob Gill. The continued review of the Detroit News All-Pro selections from 1966 to 1972.  It is noted that while the Detroit News certainly appeared to have a home town bias, it was also noteworthy in picking players who later became regular selections in the major polls.

Bill Nelsen: The Quarterback as Commander by Ed Gruver. Playing on knees as bad, or worse than, Joe Namath’s, Bill Nelsen led the Cleveland Browns to 3 playoff appearances and 2 conference championships from 1968 to 1971.

10 Interesting Things about the 1939 NFL Season by John Hogrogian. Additional information about the 1939 season includes research and compilation of individual interception statistics, mention of non-league games played during the regular season, the relatively large number of exhibition games between NFL teams and college all-star teams, and more.

The Life and Times of Fred Gehrke by Peter Vischansky. Fred Gehrke was a key player for the Cleveland and Los Angeles Rams from 1945-48.  He started for the 1945 championship team and led the NFL in rushing in 1946.  Gehrke is best known, however, for designing and painting the first helmet logo in 1948, the horns for the Rams helmet.

Waiver Misbehavior: How Chargers Lost Jack Kemp by Bob Gill. When the Chargers lost Jack Kemp to Buffalo in 1962, Sid Gillman claimed that he had taken a calculated risk in placing him on injured waivers.  Gillman, in fact, was putting the best face on his misunderstanding of a rule that did not allow teams to withdraw players who had been placed on waivers on a Sunday or Saturday, as was the case with Kemp.


Number 4:

The First Game of the Toronto Argonauts: A Discussion by Ian Speers. A November 20, 1873 Toronto Globe newspaper reported a two game rugby series game between the University of Toronto and Hamilton Football Club.  Closer investigation shows that these games were not rugby or soccer games but rather the earliest recorded football games played by the Toronto Argonauts.

Howie Long by Joe Horrigan. A third-round draft choice of the Raiders in 1981, Long’s strength, quickness, and desire led to his being a dominant defensive player and eventual election to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Ronnie Lott by Joe Horrigan. A rookie on the San Francisco 49ers first Super Bowl team, Lott tied Lem Barney’s record for most interceptions returned for a touchdown in one season by returning three.  With 63 career interceptions, Lott ranks 5th on the all-time list.  Yet throughout his career, Lott was known more for his toughness and hard-hitting.

Joe Montana by Joe Horrigan. Joe Montana was a master of late-game comebacks and led San Francisco to four Super Bowl victories.  Considered one of the all-time greatest quarterbacks, Montana closed his career with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Dan Rooney by Joe Horrigan. Son of Hall of Famer Art Rooney, Dan began to work for his father, managing player personnel for the Steelers during the 1950’s.  Rooney was instrumental in the hiring of Chuck Noll as Pittsburgh coach in 1969 and built the dominant Steelers teams of the 1970’s.  In 1975, Rooney became president of the Steelers.

Dave Wilcox by Joe Horrigan. One of the most under-rated players of his era, Dave Wilcox established himself as one of the best linebackers in the NFL from 1964 to 1974.  Wilcox’s low profile was due, in part, to the San Francisco 49ers’ losing records in the 1960’s. When the 49ers won divisional championships in the early 1970’s, Wilcox had his greatest years.

Pat Studstill by Jim Sargent. Over a 12 year career from 1961 to 1972, Pat Studstill starred as a pass receiver, punter, and kick returner.  Among the highlights of his career were his 99 yard pass reception in 1966, 100 yard kickoff return in 1961, and his All-pro selection in 1966. his All-pro selection in 1966.


Number 5:

O.A. Bum Phillips by Thomas Danyluk. Phillips discusses Sid Gillman’s influence as a coach, Earl Cambell’s greatness, his hiring and firing by Bud Adams, the great Oiler teams of 1978-79, and more.

El Tropicoro, EsmeraIda, and the Ice Bowl by Victor Mastro. The author recalls his predictions of a Packer victory in the Ice Bowl.

Arnie and the Fish by Mark Latterman. Arnie Weinmeister, Hall of Fame defensive tackle for the New York Giants, became an official in the Teamsters Union upon his retirement.

Lost Skill of Drop Kicking by Rick Gonsalves. In the early days of the NFL, when the football was rounder and less pointed at the end, the drop kick was often used to kick points after touchdowns and field goals.  The last drop kick used to score points at the time the article published was a PAT by Joe Vetrano of the San Francisco 49ers in 1948.  Doug Flutie of Buffalo subsequently scored a PAT on a drop kick in 2005.

25 Significant Meaningless NFL Games by Mark L. Ford. Pre-season games that held special significance although pre-season games in general are not part of the regular season record.  Among the games noted here are inter-league games played between the NFL, CFL, and AFL, College All-Star games, and games with rules experiments.

Football Hall selects another Marine (Bob Dove) by John Gunn. In electing Bob Dove to the College Football Hall of Fame, the Hall’s Honor Committee has now elected 45 former marines to the Hall.  Dove played 9 seasons with the Chicago Rockets, Chicago Cardinals, and Detroit Lions.

1964 - A Giant Collapse by Jack Ziegler. In 1964, age and injuries took their toll on the New York Giants.  In addition, the defense missed the traded Sam Huff and Dick Modzelewski.  Consequently, the Giants’ dominance of the Eastern division ended and the team fell to last place.


Number 6:

1950 Championship Game by John Thorn. Account of the 1950 NFL Championship game between Los Angeles and Cleveland.  Lou Groza kicked a field goal in the last minute, giving Cleveland the championship in its first year in the NFL.

Bullet Bill Dudley and the Steelers of 1942 and 1946 by T. J. Troup. The Pittsburgh Steelers enjoyed their first winning season in 1942, Bill Dudley’s first year in the NFL.  The Steelers combined teams with the Philadelphia Eagles and Chicago Cardinals, in 1943 and 1944, respectively.  Dudley returned to Pittsburgh from military service in late 1945 and in 1946, led the Steelers to a second place finish.  Dudley subsequently left the Steelers due to a personality clash with coach Jock Sutherland.

Adolph Swede Youngstrom by Jeffrey Miller. Youngstrom, an all-pro lineman, was a standout for the Buffalo All-Americans, later the Buffalo Bisons, during the 1920’s.  Youngstrom played on a team that narrowly missed winning the championship in 19220 and 1921.

Inductees into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

When the Indians Roamed Buffalo’s Gridiron by 1940 by Connie McGillicuddy. Retelling of the Buffalo Indians 1940 season in the American Football League.  They finished the season at 2-8, and returned the following season as the newly christened Buffalo Tigers.

Milt Plum by Jim Sargent. Plum played 13 years in the NFL at quarterback, most notably with the Cleveland Browns from 1957-61 and the Detroit Lions from 1962-67.  Plum’s best years were with the Browns in 1960 and 1961 when he led the NFL in passing.

Jack Dolbin: Not one of the Anonymous People by Harold Aurand Jr. Overview of brief career of wide receiver who started on Denver’s 1977 Super Bowl team.  Dolbin’s career ended with an injury in 1979.


VOLUME 23 (2001)

Number 1:

Steve Sabol - President, NFL Films by Thomas Danyluk. Interview.

The Quebec Rugby Football Union, 1883-1906 - Part 1 by Robert Sproule. Canadian football.

Wayne Millner by Michael Richman. Biographical article.

2000 Player Deaths. Losses during the previous year.

Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Top 20. In rushing and passing.

Football Chronology I - Origins of Football: Ancient Times to 1883. Brief outline.

1934 NFL Statistics compiled by Ken Pullis.


Number 2:

The Greatest Defenses of All Time by Raymond Lee. Evaluating with PF, SEF and DEF.

Turk Edwards by Michael Richman. Biographical article.

Jim Ailinger: Buffalo Legend by Jeffrey J. Miller. Biographical article.

The Quebec Rugby Football Union, 1883-1906 - Part 2 by Robert Sproule. Canadian football.

Football Chronology II - 1884 to 1903. Brief outline.

Football Chronology III - 1903 to 1919. Brief outline.

Norm Van Brocklin: The Dutchman by Don Smith. Biographical article.

Dante Lavelli: Gluefingers by Don Smith. Biographical article.


Number 3:

Frequently Asked Questions - About the Selection Process courtesy Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Nick Buoniconti by Joe Horrigan. Biographical article.

Marv Levy by Joe Horrigan. Biographical article.

Mike Munchak by Joe Horrigan. Biographical article.

Jackie Slater by Joe Horrigan. Biographical article.

Lynn Swann by Joe Horrigan. Biographical article.

Ron Yary by Joe Horrigan. Biographical article.

Jack Youngblood by Joe Horrigan. Biographical article.


Number 4:

The AFL’s First Dominating Defense by Paul Lovett. 1961 San Diego Chargers.

Elmer Angsman by Jim Sargent. Biographical article.

The Quebec Rugby Football Union, 1883-1906 - Part 3 by Robert Sproule. Canadian football.

Book Review: Crash of the Titans by Bob Gill.

Billy Kilmer by Michael Richman. Biographical article.

Hammond Clabbys - 1915 by Roy Sye. A pre-NFL team.

Durn Danes! by Bob Carroll. Speculation abour football’s origins.

George ‘One-Play’ McAfee by T.J. Troup. Biographical sketch.


Number 5:

Lights, Camera, Touchdown by Bob Carroll. Film careers of a couple of greats.

Larry Little by Thomas Danyluk. Interview.

The Quebec Rugby Football Union, 1883-1906 - Part 4 by Robert Sproule. Canadian football.

Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Top 20. In pass receiving.

1919 Buffalo Prospects by Ken Crippen. Pre-NFL team.

Good Year, Bad Day by the Bay by Michael Berger. The 49ers in 1957.


Number 6:

The Two-Day P.A.S.S. by Mark L. Ford. Players attempt their own league.

1965 AFL Championship Game by Ken Crippen. Buffalo’s triumph.

Hammond Clabby’s 1916 by Roy Sye. Pre-NFL team continues.

Wally Koppisch: Great Expectations by Jeff Miller. A star of the 1920s.

The Quebec Rugby Football Union, 1883-1906 - Part 5 by Robert Sproule. Canadian football.

The Best Defense in NFL History by T.J. Troup. Historical review.


VOLUME 24 (2002)

Number 1:

The Greatest Games Never Played by Ed Gruver. They could have been great.

The Quebec Rugby Football Union 1883-1906, Part 6 by Robert Sproule.

Is the Super Bowl a Catalyst for Domestic Violence? from Urban Legends Reference Pages.

Frank Sinkwich and the Contending Lions of 1944 by T.J. Troup. A brief flare of greatness.

The Wilmington (Delaware) Comets by Jim Kell. North American Football (NAFL) League 1965.

The Joy of Avoiding Sacks by Bob Gill. Do some QBs draw more sacks than they should?

2001 Player Deaths. The annual toll.

Paul Krause by Michael Richman. Biograhical sketch.

Jim Ray Smith by Andy Piascik. Biographical sketch.


Number 2:

The Legend of Lone Star (Dietz) by Bart Ripp.

1924 Buffalo Bisons by Ken Crippen.

Football and Fast Food: The Gino’s Story by Harold Aurand, Jr.

The Development of the American Scrimmage System: A Discussion by Ian Speers.

How the Football Was Invented by Dr. Charles T. Gregory.

This Young Kid from Down South: Bert Milling by Buck Bashore.

The Pro Football Career of Cookie Gilchrist by Brian Marshall.


Number 3:

NFL 1926 in Theory & Practice by Mark L. Ford. Using 2001 model on 1926.

Book Review: The Proving Ground by John Vorperion.

Sammy Baugh by Michael Richman. The great passing star.

Muncie Flyers - 1920 by Roy Sye. Was there more to their record?

What’s in a Name? by Steve Brainerd. Some names stay around.

The Hall of Very Good by Bob Carroll. Looking for non-HOFers who shouldn’t be.

Tacoma Story by Bart Ripp. A PCPFL team.

Mercer Top Marine Scorer by John Gunn.

Tony Adamle: Doctor of Defense by Bob Carroll. Browns star and great doctor.

Remembering the Oorang Indians by Chris Willis. Interview with resident.


Number 4:

A Leap in Lambeau’s History by Cliff Christl. Who coached the Packers in 1921?

Timmy Brown by Keith Yowell

’54, 40 or Fight by Mark Ford. Canada’s 1954 war with the NFL.

1926 Buffalo Rangers by Ken Crippen. Texans in Buffalo.

Marion Motley by Andy Piascik.

Remembering the Oorang Indians, Part 2 by Chris Willis. Interview with son of the owner.


Number 5:

George Allen by Bob Carroll. Hall of Fame bio.

Dave Casper by Joe Horrigan. Hall of Fame bio.

Dan Hampton by Joe Horrigan. Hall of Fame bio.

Proposed Amendment.

Jim Kelly by Joe Horrigan. Hall of Fame bio.

John Stallworth by Joe Horrigan. Hall of Fame bio.

Pro Football Hall of Fame Top 20 in Rushing, Passing, Receiving and Scoring.

Lenny Moore by Andy Piascik. Bio.


Number 6:

Captain Crawford and the 1892 Chicago Athletics by Mark L. Ford. Origins of pro football.

The Lads of Leahy by Mark Latterman. Irish athletes meet and remember.

Five Forgotten Trailblazers by Bob Gill. Black quarterbacks.

New Pro League a Hit in Big Apple by Jeff Miller. Canton-Buffalo at the Polo Grounds.

Rating the Early Backs by Doug L. Jones. Analizing All-Pro Teams in lieu of statistics.

Al DeMao by Michael Richman. Bio.

Book Review: Undefeated, Untied, and Uninvited review by John Vorperian.

Don 'Blade' Burroughs by T.J. Troup. Bio.

An Awesome Defense Doesn’t Guarantee a Championship by Stephen Jordan. Vikings defense.

More Is Not Necessarily . . . . by Roger Gordon. Interesting odds and ends.


VOLUME 25 (2003)

Number 1:

Archie Manning Quarterback by Thomas Danyluk.

Hugh 'Bones' Taylor by Michael Richman.

The 1918 Buffalo Semi-Professional Football League by Ken Crippen.

Who Be the Baddest by Greg Thomas.

Time Stood Still by Victor Mastro.

The Hall of Very Good.

Player Deaths in 2002.


Number 2:

Dennis Gaubatz by Jim Sargent.

Almost Champions by Roy Sye.

Pete Liske by Ace Hendricks.

The Coaches’ All-America Game by Mark Ford.

Elusive: A Chronological History of the Long Runs by T.J. Troup.

Andy Farkas by Michael Richman.


Number 3:

Ed Flanagan: All-Pro Center for the Detroit Lions by Jim Sargent.

Card-Pitt: The Caroits by James Forr.

Ben Lee Boynton: The Purple Streak by Jeffrey Miller.

All My Exes Live in Texas - Among Other Places by Mark Speck.

Eddie LeBaron by Michael Richman.


Number 4:

Fred Miller, Defensive Tackle by Jim Sargent.

Marcus Allen from The Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Elvin Bethea from The Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Joe DeLamielleure from The Pro Football Hall of Fame.

James Lofton from The Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Hank Stram from The Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Las Vegas Cowboys - 1969 by Ace Hendricks.

The Secret Career of Don Allard by Bob Gill.

Bill Dudley by Michael Richman.

Herschel Walker by Matthew Silverman.


Number 5:

The 1939 College All-Star Games by John Hogrogian.

Lewis and Lane by T.J. Troup.

Tom Nowatzke by Jim Sargent.

Joe Carr’s Vision by Chris Willis.

Don Warren by Michael Richman.

Teams Kept Area Buzzing by Larry Ebsch. 1920s semi-pros.

William C. Temple by Bob Carroll. The first team owner.


Number 6:

Lions, Bears, and the First Thanksgiving by Doug Warren.

Welcome to LA (AAFC Dons in 1946) by Ray Schmidt.

Jim Kendrick: The Man with the Plan by Jeffrey Miller.

Neal Olkewicz by Michael Richman.

Frank Seno: Six Is Significant by T.J. Troup.

On to the Pros (David Treadwell) by Rob Jackson.

Please Stop Ravaging NFL Uniforms! by Roger Gordon (Opinion).

Sam Dana Turns 100 by Jeffrey Miller.

A Memory Returns by Bob Carroll.


VOLUME 26 (2004)

Number 1:

Ron Kramer: All-American by Jim Sargent. Bio-aricle about the first famous tight end.

Kenosha Maroons 1924 - A Brief Spot in History by Roy Sye. Less than a great success.

Wicarhpi Isnala 'Lone Star' (Dietz) by Rob Jackson. Bio of the famous Indian coach.

Quarterback Al Dorow by Jim Sargent. Who preceded Broadway Joe?

What If There Hadn’t Been Strikes? by Roger Gordon. History might have been different.


Number 2:

Gail Coghdill by Jim Sargent. Bio article about an outstanding split end of the 1960s.

Olympic Gold, NFL Lead by Mark L. Ford. Olympians who played in the NFL.

Cliff Battles by Michael Richman. Bio article about the NFL’s first rushing champion.

Player Deaths in 2003. The annual record.

Ace Gutowsky by Doug Warren. A 1930s Lion running star.

Hall of Very Good 2004. Brito, Brodie, Butler, Hanburger, Haynes, Howton, Marshall, Nesser, Robinson, Slater.

Post-Season Football TV Announcers 1948-2003 compiled by Tim Brulia.


Number 3:

Jerry Groom, All-American by Jim Sargent. Notre Dame, Chi Cards and Leahy’s Lads.

Bob Brown: Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2004.

Carl Eller: Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2004.

John Elway: Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2004.

Barry Sanders: Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2004.

Norm Schachter in Super Bowl V: The Official Version by Mark Ford. The 'Blunder Bowl.'

Did Too Many Coaches Spoil the Broth? By Mark Speck. Co-coaches?

The Unique Career of Greasy Neale by Alan Mann. More than a great coach.

Chronology of Pro Football on TV, Part I (1939-69) compiled by Tim Brulia


Number 4:

Chris Spielman by Roger Gordon.

The 75 Days of the NAFL by Mark L. Ford. The first days of the NFL-AAFC merger.

Clyde Shugart by Michael Richman. Redskins guard.

Walt Kowalczyk, The Sprinting Blacksmith by Jim Sargent.

Ralph Hay: A Forgotten Pioneer by Chris Willis.

Chronology of Pro Football on TV, Part 2 (1970-79) compiled by Tim Brulia.

The Magnificent Seven by Coach T.J. Troup. Hall of Fame quarterbacks.


Number 5:

Close But No Cigar by Mark Speck. The best teams that didn’t make the playoffs.

Football’s Least Replaceable Players by Greg Thomas. Judging statistically.

Spiderman, the Jimmy Allen Story by John Bennett. An underrated DB.

1952: The Dawning of Motown’s Gridiron Empire by Doug Warren. Here come Layne & Walker.

A Safety Analysis by Gary Selby. Where, when and how of the rare two-pointer.

Chronology of Pro Football on TV, Part 3 (1980-89) compiled by Tim Brulia.


Number 6:

Dick Nolan: Man of Many Seasons by Don Shipley. Nearly 43 seasons as player and coach.

Interim Coaches: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly by Mark Speck.

A 'Win Shares' System for Football by Greg Thomas.

Chronology of Pro Football on TV, Part 4 (1990-2003) compiled by Tim Brulia.

Book Review: Curly Lambeau by David Zimmerman by John Vorperian.

11-3 and Forever Second by Doug Warren. 1962 Lion.


VOLUME 27 (2005)

Number 1:

Don Maynard by Jim Sargent. HOF receiver.

Sports Illustrated’s 2003 Football Predictions by Bob Irving.

Gordy Soltau by Andy Piascik. San Francisco star of the 1950s.

Indoors on a November Sunday by Jim Kiel. A semi-pro experience.

Dazzling Doak Walker by Jim Bankes. The Lions’ versatile great.

Landry and Lombardi, Legendary Coaches by Patrick Gallivan.

Then and Now by Bob Irving. Comparison of player weights.

The Hall of Very Good 2005. Baughan, Benton, Dilweg, Harder, Little, Nobis, Retzlaff, Rote.

2004 Player Deaths. The annual record.


Number 2:

The College Game Is Easier by Red Grange with George Dunscomb. 1932 Saturday Evening Post.

Talking with a Legend: Charlie Sanders by Doug Warren. Interview.

Vince Banonis by Andy Piascik. Bio.

Bill Hewitt: The Oddside Kid by Don Smith. Bio.

Dick Barwegan by Jim Campbell. Mini-bio.

Harlon Hill: The Lance Alworth of His Era by T.J. Troup. Bio.

In the Wake of the News from Chicago Daily Tribune 1931. Players’ off-season work.

Shakespeare in Cleats: The Story of Bill Fisher by Ace Hendricks. A career minor leaguer.


Number 3:

Getting a Charge Out of the Postseason by Ed Gruver. San Diego 1979-82.

Benny Friedman courtesy of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Dan Marino courtesy of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Fritz Pollard courtesy of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Steve Young courtesy of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Why the AAFC Browns Were the Best Team in Football 1946-49 by Andy Piascik. Opinion.

Cecil 'Cece' Grigg courtesy of the Texas Sports Hall of Fame. Former Canton Bulldog.

Eric Dickerson by Roger Gordon. Biographical article.

Larry Brown by Michael Richman. Biographical article.

The 'Trump' Method of Measuring Coaching Greatness by Greg Thomas.

New Books by PFRA Members.

Sid Gillman courtesy of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.


Number 4:

Wallace 'Wally' Triplett by Jim Sargent. Biographical article.

The Toe by Rick Gonsalves. Biographical article.

Burial Places of Hall of Famers by Michael Frank. List.

World War 2 and the Hall of Fame by Andy Piascik. Players overlooked because of service time.

Bob Waterfield vs. Bill Willis by Bill Pepperell. Two greats met in 1950.

Dick the Bruiser by John Maxymuk. Afflis was a football playing wrestler.

Don Hutson by Chris Willis. Biographical article.

Ozzie Newsome by Roger Gordon. Biographical article.

Verne Lewellen by Dr. Gregory Selber. Biographical article.

Ernie Smith by John Maxymuk. Biographical article.


Number 5:

PFRA-ternizing: Pittsburgh Myths. Common Mistakes about Pittsburgh pro football.

The Perfect Tackle by Chris Willis. Bio of Wilbur Henry.

A Rosey Career by Rick Gonsalves. Bio of Roosevelt Brown.

One Big Problem by Rick Gonsalves. The ups and downs of the extra point.

Gale Sayers: Rookie by Chris Willis. What a season!

Grosshandler Lists by Stan Grosshandler. Four compilations of football-baseball crosses.

Obscure Lone Star Heroes of the NFL by Gregory Selber. Players from Texas worth remembering.

I Didn’t Do It! by George Taliaferro. The back discusses when and where he played T-quarterback.

Winning Percentages by Andy Piascik. The change in choosing a winner.

New Books by PFRA Members.


Number 6:

The First 'NFL Europe' by Mark L. Ford & Massimo Foglio. A first try.

Complete History of African American Quarterbacks in the NFL, Part 1 by Lloyd Vance.

Derrell Palmer by Andy Piascik. Bio sketch.

Cecil Isbell by John Maxymuk. Bio sketch.

Hail Mary on Snopes. The Urban Legend page looks at a famous play.

Hometown Hero by Roger Gordon. Bio sketch of Marion Motley.

DeBunking DeMyth by Jim Campbell. Tracing Lombardi’s quote.

Wayne Miller by Michael Richman. Bio sketch.

Shula’s Connections by Timothy Howell. The coach was connected with other great NFL coaches.

Muha by John Maxymuk. Bio sketch.


VOLUME 28 (2006) Available in the Members Only Section

Number 1:

PFRA-ternizing. About PFRA awards.

When Having the Best Record Didn’t Mean Home Field Advantage by Andy Piascik.

August 'Gus' Cifelli by Jim Sargent. Lions tackle in 1950s.

Complete History of African American Quarterbacks in the NFL, Part 2 by Lloyd Vance.

John Riggins by Michael Richman. A runner and entertainer.

Cornerback by Darwin by Bob Carroll. A theory.

Dave Smukler by John Maxymuk. An early Eagles star.

Player Deaths in 2005.


Number 2:

When Having the Best Record Didn’t Mean Home Field Advantage, Part 2 by Andy Piascik.

Repeat Three-Peat, Almost by Jim Campbell.

The Tereshinskis of Georgia by Jim Campbell.

Darrell Dess by Andy Piascik.

Book Review: Keep A-Goin’: The Life of Lone Star Dietz by Tom Benjay review by John Vorperian.

The Hall of Very Good 2006. Conerly, Hadl, Howley, Lipscomb, Karras, Rote, Stanfel, Thurston, O.Taylor, Towler.

Leroy Kelly by Roger Gordon.

When Eagles Dared by Ed Gruver. Buddy Ryan’s 1980s Eagles.

Who to Root For? by Roger Gordon. Anecdote.

Points Allowed in Context by Andy Piascik.

By a Coin Toss by Timothy Holland. Halas has bad luck.

J.D. Smith and the 1961 49ers by Coach Troup.

Charley Taylor by Michael Richman.


Number 3:

Art Rooney, Jr. by Tom Danyluk. The Steelers’ Director of Player Personnell 1964-86.

The King of Siberia: Bill Howton by John Maxymuk.

Greg Pruitt by Roger Gordon.

The Birth of Modern Football by Tom Benjey. The forward pass and the single wing.

Ricky Bell : The Heart of a Champion by Denis Crawford.

What Might Have Been in Colorado by Timothy Holland. Had Denver signed its draft choices.

Tom Sestak by Greg Tranter.


Number 4:

Troy Aikman from Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Harry Carson from Pro Football Hall of Fame.

John Madden from Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Warren Moon from Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Reggie White from Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Rayfield Wright from Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Art Rooney, Jr. - Part 2 by Tom Danyluk. More inside stories on the Steelers of the 1970s.

Book Review: Pro Football in the Days of Rockne by Emil Klosinski review by Frank J. Stevens.

Frank Ryan and Gary Collins by Roger Gordon. Browns’ outstanding battery.

Mario Gianelli by John Maxymuk. Bio.

Un-Bear-able Quarterbacks by Timothy Holland. Problems finding a QB.


Number 5:

One on One - Conversation with Jim Brown: Part 1 by Roger Gordon.

The Masters of Versatility by Greg Selber. Outstanding NFL backs beyond the big names.

Gene Hickerson by Andy Piascik. Bio article.

The Most Enduring Major Passing Record on the Books by Roy E. Brownell II. Van Brocklin’s.

PFRA Member Bringing Football and Its History to Young Fans by Mike Kennedy. (Mark Stewart).

The Super ‘70s: Memories of Football’s Greatest Era by Tom Danyluk. Book description.

Most Combined Scores in a Quarter of a Regular Season Game. Stat oddity.

Book Review: Notre Dame, Chicago Bears and 'Hunk' by Emil Klosinski review by Frank J. Stevens.

Some Journalistic 'Hitchhiking' by Bob Irving. Analyzing some prognostications.

Interstate Trade by Tim Holland. Irony between Cleveland and Baltimore in the 1970s.

Ed Khayat by John Maxymuk. Bio.

Six Degrees of Separation for NFL Teams from John Maxymuk. Everyone’s connected.

Double Dippin’ by Timothy Holland. Two-timers Tobin Rote and Paul McGuire.


Number 6:

PFRA-ternizing. Bob Gill discusses his new book on Minor League Football.

Committee Reports.

Pro Bowl Teams of the Fifties by Joel Bussert.

Book Review: Last Team Standing by Matthew Algeo review by Bob Hoover.

One on One - Conversation with Jim Brown: Part 2 by Roger Gordon.

Paul Briggs: A Lifetime Dedicated to Football by Jim Sargent.

Chuck Bednarik by John Maxymuk. Bio.

Galen Fiss courtesy of


Number 7:

Warren Rabb by Jeff Miller.

One on One - Conversation with Jim Brown: Part 3 by Roger Gordon.

Luggin’ the Leather by T.J. Troup. Do 100-yard rushing games guarantee victory?

Turk Edwards by Michael Richman. Immovable tackle.

Dick Schafrath by Roger Gordon.

This Game Is Going into Sudden Death by Steven M. Brainerd.

The Clues Were All There by Timothy Holland. Some upsets can be predicted.

Davey O’Brien by John Maxymuk. Bio.

The 'Other' MVP by Patrick Gallivan.


VOLUME 29 (2007) Available in the Members Only Section

Number 1:

One on One with Ozzie Newsome, Part 1 by Roger Gordon.

Houston Trio Were Trailblazers in Extravagant End Zone Antics by Dr. Gregory Selber.

1898 Syracuse Athletic Association by Ken Crippen.

PFRA Committees by Ken Crippen.

Player Deaths in 2006.

Book Review: The Best Show in Football by Andy Piascik review by Bill Pepperell.

The Columbus Panhandles. Brief description of his new book by Chris Willis.

The Complete 1965 and 1966 NEA All-Pro Teams by John Turney.

I’m Jack Whitaker and This Is the NFL Game of the Week by Andy Piascik. Legendary voice.

Should the Packers Pack It In? by Bob Carroll. PETA protests.

Book Review: Outsiders: Minor League and Independent Football 1923-1950 by Bob Gill. Brief review.


Number 2:

Hay-Ross Winners / What Shoe Contract? by Jim Campbell.

PFRA Committees by Ken Crippen.

Hall of Very Good 2007.

1987 Connecticut Giants by Mark L. Ford.

Florida, 'The Son-Shine State' by Denis M. Crawford.

Those Guys from Milton by Jim Campbell.

One on One with Ozzie Newsome, Part 2 by Roger Gordon.

Well-Oiled Machine by Dr. Gregory Selber. Houston Oilers of early 1960s.

Troup’s Luggin’ the Leather: An Appendage by Bob Irving.

The Orange County Rhinos by Lee Elder.


Number 3:

AAFC vs NFL: The Attendance Battle by Andy Piascik.

Howard 'Cub' Buck by John Maxymuk.

Differential Scores by Bob Irving.

The Two and Only by Jim Campbell.

Wilbur and Orville for the HOF by Bob Carroll.

One on One with Ozzie Newsome, Part 3 by Roger Gordon.

Bosh Pritchard by John Maxymuk.

Pro Football Lore by Joe Horrigan.


Number 4:

Gene Hickerson from Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Michael Irvin from Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Bruce Matthews from Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Charlie Sanders from Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Thurman Thomas from Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Roger Wehrli from Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Comparing the NFL, AFL, and AAFC by Andy Piascik.

Tobin Rote by John Maxymuk.

Hall of Fame Presenters by Patrick Gallivan.

Book Review: All Things Being Equal: The Autobiography of Lenny Moore review by Harold Aurand, Jr.

PFRA Committees by Ken Crippen.


Number 5:

Replacement Legends of the Fall by Mark L. Ford.

I Was a 3rd Down Man by T.J. Troup.

Best Point Differential by Andy Piascik.

Jack Hinkle by John Maxymuk.

The 1947 College All-Star Game by Ed Gruver.

When Bill Walsh Became Bill Walsh by Michael D. Parker.

Send in the Adverbs by Anonymous.

Recent Books by PFRA Writers.

PFRA Committees by Ken Crippen.


Number 6:

PFRA Committees by Ken Crippen.

Football's Best Pennant Races by Andy Piascik.

Bob Gain by Roger Gordon.

Baseball & Football's Close Relationship by Brian McKenna and Mark Ford.

Right Place, Wrong Time by Gino Malattia.

Overtime Opinion by Kyle Standerfer.

Forward Pass Rules by James Whalen, Sr.


Number 7:

PFRA-ternizing - Bob Braunwart Passes

Red Equals Green by Bob Carroll. A look at the 1925 season.

Monte Clark by Roger Gordon.

John Baker by Chuck Finder of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Pearce Johnson Interview by John Carroll. Interview of the treasurer of the 1928 Providence Steam Roller.

A Sense of Place.

Dick Modzelewski by Roger Gordon.


Volume 30 (2008) Available in the Members Only Section

Number 1:


Otto Graham and the All-America Football Conference by Joel Bussert.

PFRA Committees by Ken Crippen.

1967 New York Giants by John Collins.

Player Deaths in 2007.

PAL Kicker Rating System by Rupert Patrick.

Longest 1940s Plays by Gary Selby.

Research Notes by Ken Crippen.

Brian Brennan by Roger Gordon.


Number 2:

PFRA-ternizing - PFRA Awards

Hall of Very Good by Andy Piascik, Bob Gill, Sean Lahman and Ken Crippen. Biographies of the 2008 nominees.

Pro Football Players Playing Pro Basketball in 1940 by John Hogrogian.

Challenging the Myths Surrounding Integration of Pro Football by Gretchen Atwood.

The Effect of a Bye #1: An Inquiry by Bob Irving.

Research Notes by PFRA All-America Football Conference Committee. AAFC Dispersal Draft.

PFRA Committees by Ken Crippen.


Number 3:

Good, Better, Best by Jim Campbell

Forgotten Challengers to be the First Black Quarterback in the Post War Era by John Maxymuk

Ralph Wilson - The National Football League's Voice of Reason! by Greg Tranter

Doug Dieken by Roger Gordon

Punt Returns for Touchdowns: Part 1 by Gary Selby

The Long Pass: Is It Pro Football's Best Offensive Weapon? by Bob Follensbee

HOF Inductees vs. Super Bowl Participants by Ken Crippen

PFRA Committee Report by Ken Crippen


Number 4:


HOF Bios: Fred Dean by Pro Football Hall of Fame

HOF Bios: Darrell Green by Pro Football Hall of Fame

HOF Bios: Art Monk by Pro Football Hall of Fame

HOF Bios: Emmitt Thomas by Pro Football Hall of Fame

HOF Bios: Andre Tippett by Pro Football Hall of Fame

HOF Bios: Gary Zimmerman by Pro Football Hall of Fame

The Buccaneer Flop by Denis Crawford

Research Notes by Ken Crippen

Bruce Smith: The Road to Greatness by Lori Chase

The Effect of a Bye, #2: (Arena Football2, Bye #2) by Bob Irving

PFRA Committee Report by Ken Crippen

Punt Returns for Touchdowns Part 2: The 1960s by Gary Selby


Number 5:

Meeting of Researchers by Ken Crippen

Book Review: '63: The Story of the 1963 World Champion Chicago Bears reviewed by Gino Malattia

Hall of Very Good by Hall of Very Good Committee

Steel City Ironman: Mike Webster by Ed Gruver

He Was a Contender: Hank Washington by John Maxymuk

Book Review: Strong Arm Tactics reviewed by John Vorperian

A Gleam of Dawn by Jacqueline Brannon Giles

1927: Here's Your Hat... by Bob Carroll

John Morrow by Roger Gordon

PFRA Committees by Ken Crippen


Number 6:

Things You Almost Never Hear from Football Fans by Bob Carroll

It Don't Get No Better... by Joe Ziemba

The Most Dominant Football Teams of All Time by Raymond Lee

Who Defeated the Champions? by Bob Kirlin

Steelers Dial Up a Long One by Steve Hickoff

Earnest Byner and the Fumble by Roger Gordon

Thomas J. Holleran, Akron's Pro Signal Caller by Keith McClellan

1927: Giants on the Gridiron by Bob Carroll

Book Review: Rockin' The Rockpile by Jeffrey Miller Reviewed by John Vorperian

Punt Returns for Touchdowns (1980-1989) by Gary Selby


Number 7:

PFRA Corporate Bylaws Revisions by Ken Crippen

Jim Gibbons: A Lion Playing End by Jim Sargent

A Shot Is Not A Wing by John T. Reed

Artful Eddie and Blue-Shirt Charlie by Tracy Thibeau

Jack Gregory by Roger Gordon

Punt Returns for Touchdowns: 1980-1989 by Gary Selby

Only A Year Ago by PFRA Research

The Midnight Express Derailed by John Maxymuk


VOLUME 31 (2009) Available in the Members Only Section

Number 1:

PFRA Committee Report by Ken Crippen.

Seasons In The Sun: The California Winter League of 1927 and '28 by Bob Gill.

Left Wingers by John Maxymuk.

Horses, Trucks and Rockets by Tracy Thibeau.

Hanford Dixon by Roger Gordon.

Showing the Facts Under the Friday Night Lights by Dr. Gregory Selber.

Player Deaths in 2008.


Number 2:

PFRA Corporate Bylaws Revisions by Ken Crippen.

One in 12,837.

Steamrollered: 1928 by Bob Carroll and John Hogrogian.

A True Football Classic by Rick Gonsalves.

Before Baugh by Bob Gill.

(Book Review) McKay's Men by reviewed Andy Piascik.

(Book Review) St. Clair: I'll Take It Raw! reviewed by Andy Piascik.

(Book Review) Pride & Poise: The Oakland Raiders of the American Football League reviewed by Andy Piascik.

Texans 27 - Bears 23 by Tracy Thibeau.


Number 3:

Bob Hayes Hall of Fame Biography.

Randall McDaniel Hall of Fame Biography.

Bruce Smith Hall of Fame Biography.

Derrick Thomas Hall of Fame Biography.

Ralph Wilson Hall of Fame Biography.

Rod Woodson Hall of Fame Biography.

Punt Returns for Touchdowns: 1990-1999 by Gary Selby.

When Lions Roared: Detroit's 1957 NFL Championship Season by Jim Sargent.

The Shamrock Bowl by Mark Bolding.

Carl Hairston by Roger Gordon.


Number 4:

PFRA Committees by Ken Crippen. An update on several of the various PFRA Committees, including the Bylaws Committee, Oral History Committee, All-America Football Conference Committee, Hall of Very Good Committee, Linescore Committee, USFL Committee, Uniforms of Past Teams Committee and the TV and Radio Commentators Committee.

PFRA Elections by Ken Crippen. A call for nominations for PFRA officers.

The Packers Crash Through: 1929 by Bob Carroll and PFRA Research. A summary of the 1929 NFL season.

1946 All-America Football Conference All-Rookie Team by John Collins. An opinion on who should be on the All-Rookie team for the inaugural year of the All-America Football Conference.

Violet and Walter by Tracy Thibeau. The story of Violet Bidwill Wolfner's tenure as the owner of the Chicago Cardinals. Walter Wolfner took over football operations when he married Violet, and the team fell apart.

The NFL World Championship Game: December 24, 1950 by Bob Follensbee. The 1950 NFL Championship Game pitted the Cleveland Browns against the Los Angeles Rams. At stake was the reputation of the NFL against the former All-America Football Conference team. The game would turn out to be a passing duel between Otto Graham and Bob Waterfield.


Number 5:

PFRA-ternizing. Statements are made from the two candidates running for President of the PFRA.

PFRA Committees by Ken Crippen. An update on several of the various PFRA Committees, including the Membership Committee, Oral History Committee, Hall of Very Good Committee, Website and Forum Committee, All-America Football Conference Committee, and the Television and Radio Commentators Committee. Details of the next PFRA Meeting are also discussed.

Hall of Very Good by Andy Piascik, Bob Gill, Sean Lahman and Ken Crippen. Biographies of the Hall of Very good are provided for this year's voting.

The National Football League Commissioner's Report on Investigation: April 17, 1963. The official NFL Commissioner's report on gambling throughout the league and the accusations against specific players: Bob St. Clair, Rick Casares, John Gordy, Alex Karras, Darris McCord, Wayne Walker, Carroll Rosenbloom (owner), Paul Hornung, Joe Schmidt and Sam Williams.

The Great Quarterback Migration by John Maxymuk. A look at black quarterbacks in the 1970s  who went to Canada for a better chance at playing pro football.

Joe DeLamielleure by Roger Gordon. A short biography of the Hall of Fame guard for the Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns.

Taciturn Tommy Thompson by Tracy Thibeau. A biography of Tommy Thompson, quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles in the 1940s.

The Most Impressive Team I've Ever Seen by Raymond Lee. A detailed look at the 1969 Kansas City Chiefs.


Number 6:

PFRA-ternizing. PFRA election results.

Bob Carroll Tribute. Several long-time members of the PFRA comment on Bob Carroll and his impact on their lives

Heidi-Ho! by Bob Carroll. An account of the infamous Heidi game, where NBC cut away from the New York Jets-Oakland Raiders contest to show Heidi.

Looking Into Your Locals by Bob Carroll. Tips and techniques on how to start researching local teams.

How to Get From Dayton To Indianapolis By Way of Brooklyn, Boston, New York, Dallas, Hershey and Baltimore by Bob Carroll. Tracing the franchise history of the Indianapolis Colts.

Semi-Pro or Pro? by Bob Carroll. Examining the difference between a semi-pro player and a pro player.

Rating the Receivers by Bob Carroll. A humorous look at trying to create a rating system for receivers.

When Halas Cornered the Draft by Bob Carroll. A detailed look at George Halas and his early 1940s drafts.

'Twas the Night Before the PFRA Meeting by Bob Carroll. A poem written by Bob Carroll.

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