PFRA members receive six issues of our official magazine, The Coffin Corner. Each issue is 24 pages crammed with pro football history: articles on great players, teams, and games of the past (and some not-so-great), occasionally a stat article, some opinion, and organization news. This site contains articles that have appeared in the The Coffin Corner over the years, with the exception of the last couple of years. For instance, a recent issue focuses on the current inductees into our Hall of Very Good.

We've been doing this since 1979, so we must be doing something right. Anyway, if you decide to join the PFRA, we'll be happy to have you. For information on joining, contact the PFRA.

Either way, check out the site. There are articles on just about every aspect of pro football history either here or on the way. If you're interested in the people, teams and events that made the game of professional football great, you'll want to bookmark this site and check back often.

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