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PFRA-ternizing. A special message from the PFRAís president on the results from the December 5 board of directors meeting and, from the vice-president, and an update on our membership numbers, including a map showing the PFRA's presence in 36 states and Canada.

It's a Gamble: Drafting Quarterbacks in Round One by Jared Kraus. From Terry Bradshaw to Teddy Bridgewater, a 45-year look at the risks inherent with picking pass throwers in the first round of the NFL Draft and the hidden gems such as Tom Brady found in later rounds.

The First NFL Championship: Portsmouth vs. Brooklyn? by Joshua M. Anderson. The final standings for 1933 don't tell the full story of the first title game. With three weeks left to play in the regular season, the Spartans (at .750) and Dodgers (at .800) both led their divisions, ahead of the Bears (.714) and the Giants (.700), respectively. The streaks that followed made all the difference and made NFL history.

World Bowl I... and Only by Mark Speck. (Coffin Corner Classic). The first in a new series of articles looking back at Coffin Corner history, where a relevant article from the publicationís last century gets a new look for this century. In this case, itís the story of the one and only championship game for the World Football League, played 40 years ago in Birmingham, Alabama.

PFRA Hall of Very Good
Class of 2014

Larry Brown, Nolan Cromwell, Larry Grantham, Charlie Hennigan, Harlon Hill, Winston Hill, George Kunz and Ken Stabler.

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